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Tianjin, yunnan chuxiong to promote wisdom urban construction

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-10

with the advent of the era of 5 g, wisdom, speeding up the pace of urban construction in our country, recently around with 5 g of wave speed up infrastructure construction, such as tianjin, yunnan chuxiong.

new eco-city building wisdom city demonstration area of tianjin binhai new area

a few days ago, reporters from the tianjin binhai new area in tianjin government news release a news conference, progress was made in binhai new area wisdom city construction, the '1 + 4 + N 'new intelligence system has been built. As an important part of the binhai new area of sino-singapore tianjin eco-city, wisdom will forge a demonstration area of the city.

eco-city follow a principle ', a common thread, a set of standards, the concept of a 'wisdom city construction,' four 'become a unique feature of eco-city wisdom urban construction.

in the future, the eco-city will be more long-term vision, more innovative initiatives and more solid pace, promote wisdom urban construction. High level make up the whole domain wisdom urban development planning, draw the future wisdom urban construction road map; Create more intelligent, modern intelligent application, QiBu District will by the end of realizing a complete coverage of 5 g, to provide intelligent technology and depth integration of production and life of eco-city project; Promote intelligent technology industry and wisdom of alkaline coordinated development of city construction in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, automatic driving, chain blocks, and other fields, to build open source and open platform for the development of artificial intelligence, promote production extensive use innovation main body to create a Shared, accelerating cultivating industrial cluster of 'smart'.

yunnan chuxiong city promoting wisdom city construction

chuxiong city actively developing service application wisdom of the people's livelihood, in government affairs, transportation, social security, health care, education, employment, and other areas of the people's livelihood information service as the key point, promoting basic industries and key areas wisdom application system construction, wisdom phased results were obtained in the urban construction, improve the urban comprehensive carrying capacity and the well-being of the residents.

adhere to market-oriented, innovative investment and financing mechanism. In accordance with the 'government guidance, policy support, market participation', the principle of chuxiong city actively increase with China mobile, China telecom and the wave group and other national, provincial famous information-based enterprises to discuss cooperation and encourage private capital, enterprise capital through direct investment or indirect investment methods such as participation in wisdom city construction, building a diversified investment pattern, form the government and enterprises participating, market-oriented operation of the investment and financing mechanism.

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