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Tips for installing solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-10
The installation of solar street lights is much simpler and more convenient than traditional street lights. Therefore, some grassroots construction workers may take it lightly and enter some misunderstandings when installing solar street lights. What mistakes do they often make when installing solar street lights?

1. There are obstructions in the installation place
Daylight is the main energy source of solar street lights. If there are obstructions around, such as big trees and buildings, it will inevitably affect the sunlight, and the solar panels cannot receive enough light energy, which will affect the use of street lights.

Except for large-area shielding of solar panels, small-area shielding is also not acceptable. For example, if there is an iron rod above the panel, a shadow will be formed on the panel, and the shadow part will be in a disconnected state, which will affect the absorption of light energy. And utilization, this is still secondary, if things go on like this, it will cause damage to the battery panel and shorten the service life.
It should be noted that some friends install solar street lights in the garage. In this case, it is best to use separate installation. The solar panels are installed outdoors and the light source is installed indoors.

2, there are other light sources in the installation place
Many people often make this mistake when installing solar garden lights. In order to ensure the lighting efficiency and save energy, they usually choose the dual control mode of light control and time control. If there are other light sources beside the solar street light , It is very likely that the charging voltage of the solar panel will be above the light control voltage point, and the light will not be able to light up. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid other light sources within a certain range during installation.

3. Symmetrical installation of solar street lights

The east and west are symmetrical, and the visual experience is always good. Therefore, solar street lights need to be installed on both sides of the road. Someone may install solar panels symmetrically.

It seems that the solar panels are all exposed to the sun, and they can receive the sunlight very well, but in fact, the solar panels are installed at different angles, and their utilization of sunlight is also different, whether it is the tilt angle or the installation direction , There are certain scientific principles. According to these principles, solar street lights should be installed. For details, please refer to the latitude and longitude of the installation site.

4, freely extend the connection line
Although it is best to install solar street lights in a garage, it is best to install them separately, but it does not mean that the connection line of the solar panel can be extended at will, or even connected by wires at will.

The longer the line, the more power is lost during transportation, and the use efficiency of solar street lights will also decrease. Moreover, if the quality of the wire itself is not good, it will increase the line loss. Therefore, even if you want to extend the connection line, Control in a certain range, and the wire must be carefully selected.

5, parameter setting error
The installation of solar street lights has a very important link. There is a stage of trial operation. Use the engineering remote control to check whether the functions of the solar street lights are normal. Adjusting this still requires a certain degree of professionalism.

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