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To build wisdom city, tianjin electric power construction integration light pole electric power communication network

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-05

its application of tianjin electric power company in power the Internet of things technology, combined with the tianjin wisdom city construction, carry out intelligent street light perception Shared platform development and pilot application, aimed at resolving the current city intellisense device on access to face a shortage of space resources, difficult, difficult problems of information transmission. By adding city perception on the platform by the traditional light pole equipment, building integrated light pole electric power communication network.

development of sharing platform of wisdom light pole for the application of wisdom city basis functions to expand to provide broad platform. It is understood that the new wisdom light pole, a total of 10 kinds of facilities can be realized state of perception, and 17 specific social service function can be real-time monitoring of municipal manhole covers, garbage can is full, water and other state and data such as temperature and humidity environment, integrate the security video surveillance, a key to public emergency radio, alarm, and other functions. At the same time, the wisdom road lamp pole body also has the electric car charging pile, wireless WIFI, information query, and other functions, to provide residents daily life more convenient.

in the next two years, the power will be upgrading its tianjin tianjin Italian custom area, five avenue and other scenic spots and transport hub area 10 road lamps. After upgrading the wisdom of the street lamp will combine the ground projection, virtual reality and other cutting-edge technology, deeply integrated tourist attraction user demand side response, to build urban flood in material al ecological wisdom.

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