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To curb the spread of the virus, the airport opening UVC disinfection robot!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-02

according to American's authoritative media 'Airport - Technology, to contain a new coronavirus ( 2019 - nCov) Rapid spread, America's main airport has upgraded the monitoring and preventive measure.

recently, Los Angeles international airport ( 宽松的) , San Francisco international airport ( SFO) And the John f. Kennedy international airport in New York JFK) Has enabled American Dimer UVC Innovations company UVC ultraviolet sterilization robot on all the roads within the aircraft cabin to conduct a comprehensive sterilization, in order to effectively prevent new coronavirus ( 2019 - nCov) Transmission.

Dimer UVC Innovations company is the professional supplier of the aerospace industry disinfection system. The system is called GermFalcon, specifically designed to enhance the health situation of the whole aircraft industry.

GermFalcon systems use UVC ultraviolet destroy aircraft cabin on the surface and the viruses, bacteria and the bacteria in the air, the overall design of the system to the surface of aircraft cabin all exposed to the germicidal UVC, its core light source used gallium nitride ( GaN) Uv LED technology, makes the robot has the overall light weight, low power consumption, light band controlled adjustable ( Harmless to the human body) 。

GermFalcon system; Image: germfalcon. Com

Dimer cofounder Elliot Kreitenberg said: 'people coronavirus is a cluster of dangerous virus. We must try to eliminate the innocent passengers on the plane of the potential threat of infection. GermFalcon is the rapid and effective response to this threat, we are glad to LAX during the crisis, SFO and JFK airport emergency response work make a difference. '

picture sources: germfalcon. Com

back home, the outbreak in the diagnosis of patients there is a big proportion in on planes, trains and other public transport in the process of infection, thus it can be seen from more developed countries in our country public transportation such as disinfection facilities equipped with the looming in public places. Compared with developed countries, our country for the attention of the public health and input is far from enough, predictably, is warning with the outbreak, China will in the subsequent the public health and epidemic prevention and control of the increasing investment, which will give the general in the third generation of semiconductor gallium nitride ( GaN) Uv LED chip and detector original research and development of enterprises brought new development opportunities.

gallium nitride ( GaN) Because of its frequency characteristic of material preparation of uv device is good material, uv light electric chip has the broad prospect of dual-use. In the field of military, a typical military applications are: fire explosion suppression system ( The ground tank armored vehicles, ships and planes) , ultraviolet guide, ultraviolet alarm, ultraviolet communication, ultraviolet search positioning, aircraft carrier ( Lu) Guidance, space exploration, radiation monitoring and biological warfare agents, explosive detection, etc. In the field of civil, typical applications are: flame detection, corona discharge detection, medical monitoring, water monitoring, atmospheric monitoring, criminal detection, etc.

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