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To improve the lighting environment introduced tianjin city lighting management regulations

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-07

in order to strengthen the management of urban lighting, urban production and life security, improve the urban lighting environment, promote energy conservation, on January 9, tianjin municipal government issued the regulations of tianjin city lighting management, effective as of March 1, 2019.

urban lighting

refers to the city road, tunnel, square, park, public green land, rivers, scenic spots and historical sites, and other buildings and structures of functional lighting and landscape lighting.

energy conservation and environmental protection, encourage and support the urban lighting science and technology research, adoption and promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection of urban lighting new technology, new craft, new material, new light source, green lighting activities, improve the content of urban lighting science and technology and culture grade.

Settings required: shall comply with the relevant planning requirements, technical specifications and standards; Conform to the requirements of the light pollution control, in harmony with the surrounding environment; Shall not affect the public safety or depend on buildings and structures of structure safety; Modelling of lamp act the role ofing and lighting effect with road traffic, the airport, railway and other special use lights the same or similar.

function lighting

means by artificial light to ensure the security of people travel and outdoor activities for the purpose of lighting.

Settings area: in urban roads, Bridges, tunnels, residential area, the station, square, park, public green space, the public parking lots, and other non-functional lighting there may be a potential safety hazard in public places.

maintenance operation: shall conform to the relevant standards and specifications, facilities intact rate above 95%, the trunk road lights on rate of more than 98%, the trunk road, branch lights rate above 96%. Landscape lighting

refers to the outdoor using artificial light for the purpose of decoration and landscape lighting.

Settings area: key roads on both sides of the buildings and structures; The main landscape river and on both sides of the buildings and structures; Airports, ports, docks, stations, commercial street, Area) , bridge, tower, stadium, Pavilion) , parks and public green space, square, tourist attractions and other large public places; Key cultural relics protection units and historic buildings; Outdoor advertising facilities, etc.

maintenance operation: shall, in accordance with the administrative department of city management, opening and closing the stipulated time. In case of major events or special circumstances need to opening and closing of the landscape lighting, according to the municipal administrative department of urban management specified time.

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