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Tracing three ended, guangyao journey full of harvest

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-09

sponsored by the China association of decorative building of tracing, opple sponsor 'came to the central plains, mu Song Rongyao' search of Chinese style design source power trip down the curtain on October 23 sunset. 2018 prize in the tenth ravaged by the NBA finals good lighting designer and the design of large coffee, with a love of lighting design industry, starting from here, look for the root of the song dynasty culture.

before the formal open investigation, tracing three organizers - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ravaged award organizing committee to carry out the 'fan affinity' link, for the first meeting of the designers to build friendship. In the last link in cocktail party, led by the organizer of China building decoration association, building electrical committee secretary general Mr First basemen zhang yufeng opple commercial division with co-sponsors representative design director Mr Wang yusheng east and witnessed by the whole staff, covered for this year's start tracing tour seal are ravaged by awards.

to visit historical sites of interaction design thinking

digging in the longmen grottoes, the northern wei dynasty emperor xiaowen's is to attract many tourists to come to see your looks of Chinese stone carving art treasure house, one of the designers from the hole kiln really appreciate the historical vicissitudes of life, in the museum close feeling bearing the era character of imprinting, during a visit to always keep in close contact with nature, triggered the tracing mission designers from known unknown way of design.

find your kiln culture unique Oriental aesthetic

'museum of the world without you is difficult to say to the best of beauty as beauty', tracing investigation group in ruzhou your porcelain museum, to explore the origins of the porcelain. Your kiln as an important part of culture, has a very high artistic taste, close feeling for forging of porcelain kiln fire, delegation from a line of people arrived at zhujiajian your kiln, xiao-hui zhu teacher explained for visiting your porcelain culture, excellent technology and subtle Oriental aesthetics, the essence of northern song dynasty imperial palace unique art and less than nothing.

to share with the listening comprehension of Chinese style design

and talk in the meeting, luoyang, the garden construction project designers, associate professor of south China university of technology of architecture yimin zhu teacher to share about the experience of field construction case, he thinks, the architect of construction materials and construction technology of the control is the problem to be solved, with professional attitude to complete building structure, tradition and modern should be mutual confluence, make good use of new materials, new idea, at the same time, keep good communication with contractor, and other specific operation part expounds his views.

the luoyang tracing tour, harvest quite abundant, searched for a trip to really touch the unique craft work, feel the cultural spirit of profound and craftsmen, designers do not die impression for the ravaged by awards. Temporary don't luoyang, as a whole the event support op merchant, Chinese style design source to find spirit will continue.

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