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Tridonic`s LED outdoor lighting is used for road safety and resource conservation

Tridonic`s LED outdoor lighting is used for road safety and resource conservation


The adoption of LED technology in modern outdoor lighting is a major step towards energy efficiency. Compared to traditional lighting fixtures, LEDs can save at least 50% energy. If lighting is only provided where and when it is truly needed, it can further save energy. For this reason, lighting fixtures require sensors and controllers to wirelessly transmit commands.

01 / Control waste of electricity resources

In order to control resource waste, Tridonic has upgraded its products, and today's LED lighting fixtures can be equipped with Zhaga-D4i interfaces. Zhaga-D4i is a lighting interface standard that specifies electrical and mechanical parameters to ensure compatibility. This provides a futuristic foundation that allows for continuous upgrades of sensors and controllers, and will take you all the way to a digital smart city.

After installation, new components and functions can be added to the Zhaga-D4i LED lamp. After installation, the Zhaga-D4i low-voltage interface can detect and operate sensors and control equipment.

This residential area is equipped with a combination of time control and motion control devices

Dimming lights during low traffic flow can save energy, but will not make road users feel unsafe

Product Description

—— Adjustable light built-in constant current outdoor D4i LED driver

—— Dimming range 1 to 100% (minimum 10mA)

—— Suitable for lighting fixtures with protection levels I and II

—— Temperature protection complies with EN61347-2-13 C5e standard

—— Can be programmed through NFC, DALI, or ready2mins

—— Adjust the output current between 200 and 1050 milliamperes

—— Up to 93.5% efficiency at maximum output power

—— Standby input power<0.3 watts

—— The rated life is 100000 hours and the warranty period is 8 years (see www.tridonic. com for warranty conditions)

02 / Maintain Road Traffic Safety

In addition, safety is undoubtedly the top priority for road traffic, especially at night. However, high energy costs and environmental factors require energy conservation. The main challenge is to find the right balance without compromising the safety of pedestrians and facilities. Tridonic provides various technical solutions for safe and efficient night street lighting, including a simple chronoSTEP time control scheme and convenient automation control through groupControl.

In the ChronoSTEP function, the driver can dim the lights at night without additional control. The dimming behavior at night is defined by chronoSTEP, and the LED driver will automatically adjust accordingly. The ChronoSTEP function is already compatible with all IP20 outdoor drives of Tridonic.

At 6:00 pm, street lights make up for the natural light of late autumn dusk

At 1:00 am, the street lights control the lights to dim according to the set time

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