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Two different types of solar street light advantage contrast

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-09

now with the progress of technology, the development of the solar street light appear on the market a lot of different style of solar street light, but for most consumers common two kinds of solar street light is split type solar street lamps and integration of the solar street lamps, what is the difference between the two? Today is easy to explain.

1。 Appearance

the first well the solar street light all the components integrated together, as is known to all, the main components are solar panels, solar street lamps power supply, controller, battery, etc. , traditional separate these parts now have no way to together, so he looks on, one-piece looks more concentrated some nice.

2。 Efficiency

because of split type solar street lamps can replace the corresponding solar panels according to the requirements of books, so relatively with the increase of solar panels, conversion efficiency will be better, but the integration of have no way to choose custom, so also can't choose in solar panels.

3。 Safety

as well the components are fixed installation of solar street lamps, so it is difficult to be some people to see the actual parts, and so on security is good, but because of split type of components can be configured, so there are a lot of criminals to steal the battery solar street lamps.

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