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Two rounds of 'moon' yue sea, nansha sea-crossing engineering bright!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-28

stop sea-crossing engineering design scheme settle!

recently, the reporter understands from guangzhou nansha area construction bureau, the nansha district urban planning committee ring arts committee review, the scheme of the haoyue nansha with 80% of the vote in stop sea-crossing engineering plan won in the competition, become the final recommendations for the project.

it is reported, 'bright moon' nansha scheme design is given priority to across the 550 - metre towers ShuangSuoMian since the anchor of suspension Bridges, steel structure is used in the tower height 133. 5 meters. Bridge tower house design inspiration from lingnan wok, ears, and abstract to elliptic, two extremely stylish oval bridge tower from afar like a half into the clouds, bright moon, eye wear and the tower, witnessing the rise of nansha passage and proudly.

can be seen in the rendering, 'bright moon' nansha program USES the unique lingnan architecture 'cultural symbols' and 'borrow scene' technique, combining the oval bridge tower and inner decoration, forming elegantly 'borrow scene' box.

about design, explained to the reporter, head of the oval bridge tower offers both rich modelling, and kept good permeability of bridge landscape, round and round in photograph echo, constitute a virtual reality, open degree of visual space. Using borrow scene way at the same time, the transfer of nansha beauty to the bridge landscape. People can through the bridge tower 'frame', will be different from the different Angle of view and appreciate the landscape of nansha district rich beautiful picture.

the color of the bridge design, the scheme considering the different degrees of bridge and bright color, culture and unique play a crucial role, will use coating combined with bridge beautification, and cooperate with the navigation warning function, highlight the characteristics of the structure of the bridge, to be able to create a landmark landscape.

in night decorate on, due to the design theme of 'the haoyue nansha' give a person the sense with vast bright moon. So the illumination by using different lamps and lanterns and light colors to lighting of bridge main tower, cable, to represent the theme of the illumination.

is mainly composed of the main tower, lighting, cable, derrick, bridge lighting of four parts, the bridge deck landscape lighting mainly lateral project-light lamp, from the main tower to spread on both sides. Project at night effect to highlight bridge lighting as the main body, road and interchange with street lights as the main source of night scene.

'the haoyue nansha,' as you look forward to?

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