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um scientist takes on dengue with human-scented street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-25
University of Malaysia is shocked by the record outbreak of dengue cases in Malaysia over the past two years (UM)
Researchers led by Dr. Zong Wantong, associate professor of mechanical engineering, invented a street lamp that traps mosquitoes with fake human odors.
The work of the invention started three years ago, and the first prototype was ready about 20 months ago, says Chong. The “Eco-Greenergy Self-
Continuous outdoor lighting with mosquito traps and flood emergency alarm transmission systems \", using a special chemical that replicates human odors.
\"Mosquito traps can attract mosquitoes who like ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet)light.
Mosquitoes are attracted by light and heat like the temperature of the human body.
So we applied light with special chemicals.
\"When ultraviolet rays interact with this particular chemical, it releases a small amount of carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes.
It creates the smell that the human body releases when breathing, \"Chong told the Malaysian Insider.
UM\'s medical school has contributed to the project by developing chemicals that replicate human odors.
He said he could not disclose more information about the chemical, but added that it is possible to artificially synthesize the smell of human sweat, which also attracts mosquitoes.
However, it also depends on the species of mosquitoes, he said.
\"We are still trying to get the parasite professor to evaluate the effectiveness of this scent.
\"At present, it is most effective for Egyptian mosquitoes,\" he said . \" He refers to the known vector of dengue virus.
Last month, the Guardian published Chong and the invention in the British newspaper, when the mosquito situation
Despite years of health and cleaning campaigns in Malaysia, the spread of diseases has increased.
Saw 11 last year.
Compared with the previous year, the number of dengue cases nationwide increased by 2%, compared with 120,836 in 2014, an increase of 108,698.
From the beginning of the year to February 13, there were 19,733 cases, compared with 18,351 in the same period last year.
The health ministry warned that hot weather could stimulate mosquito activity and that this year\'s El Nino phenomenon could increase dengue fever by 50%.
One advantage of Chong\'s LED street light is that it uses clean energy.
Unlike conventional street lamps that require underground wiring, this lamp can be powered by wind and solar energy.
\"Our light is independent and uses wind and solar energy,\" said Chong . \" Point to the battery storage area located in the upper part of the lamp post, which makes room for mosquito traps.
Because the wire is at the top of the lamp, it is suitable for flooding-prone areas.
But he said that during the flood, power must be turned off for safety reasons.
In this case, light must use wind and solar energy to generate enough power to work.
\"Batteries or storage, wiring systems and controllers are placed near the top and can work properly even if the flood water level is 4 m, depending on the height of the post.
\"The sensor can be integrated and hidden inside the hollow rod (
Prevent vandalism
Sense flood levels and send warning signals to search and rescue centers.
\"Excess power can also be used to power mosquito traps that can be integrated into the pole.
\"The light is being piloted at the main campus of UM, Kuala Lumpur, and all parts of the street light are ready for commercial use except for mosquito traps, which will be ready in six months.
The project won the highest prize and gold medal at the International Conference and the Higher School invention expo, becoming one of the highest achievements of UM.
For any project, the most important thing is its benefits to people and society, \"says Chong,\" For example, everyone is worried about dengue and Zika.
Now we create a mosquito.
Catch street lights.
\"Even if it can\'t solve the problem 100%, at least it can have an impact of 30% to 50%.
This may make a huge difference to people.
Funding for the project came from UM\'s research fund, the Ministry of Higher Education and the prototype research funding program.
February 28, 2016
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