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Underground parking lot farms, French company LED lamps and lanterns is kind of vegetables such as mushrooms

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-01

LED lights on the plant lighting applications, with vertical farming technology, free space in the city can be converted to agricultural production base. A start-up located in Paris, France, and use of agricultural science and technology, growing mushrooms in the underground parking lot, provide to the nearest urban population of fresh agricultural products, shorten the distance of farmland to table.

it is understood that the government of Paris in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century built many underground parking garage, but as the driving population decline, the space is idle, the French start-up La Caverne through urban farming program, select underground parking lot in Paris planting organic vegetables and mushrooms.

source: La Caverne

La Caverne founder is engineer Jean - Noel Gertz and agriculture experts Theophile Champagnat. Before they had in 2017 forms, at ( 斯特拉斯堡) Idle arms in the storeroom for agricultural experiment plan, then moved to Paris with improved farming system, to the local social organizations rent a building inside the idle underground parking lot.

this is located in the underground parking lot of the farm covers an area of 3500 square meters underground, La Caverne in the erection of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, using hydroponic cultivation in the production of low demand for solar mushrooms lettuce with herbs and other plants, and forecast to produce 54 tons of crops each year. Harvest of agricultural products are sold directly to consumers, supermarket, restaurant or small underground parking lot on social housing residents can also enjoy preferential purchase price.

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