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Understand the LED lighting market to determine the core competitiveness

by:CHZ     2021-07-11
   Outdoor lighting has formed a complete LED industry chain. Such crazy lighting, facing huge market opportunities, and leading world companies in market competition are increasing research and development efforts, new technologies continue to break through, and the pace of LED lighting technology innovation is accelerating. Determine and strengthen competition in the lighting market.
  Analysis of International Lighting Forms
   The growth rate of Russia’s emerging markets is as high as 166.8%, an increase of approximately 121% year-on-year. South America and the Middle East markets are growing at 43%, while in Africa only 14% is relatively slow. In emerging markets, exports from the ASEAN market not only increased, but outdoor lighting fell by 8.6% compared to the same period last year. The current problems in the lighting industry are mainly in the long-term development strategy is not strong, the quick quick success behavior is outstanding, the lack of effective quality control, the low-end export market, and the weak market competition. This is the focus of assistance and supervision, as well as the upgrading of the industrial structure. Difficulties and focus.
How to identify    LED lighting technology to accelerate innovation and competitive positioning in the lighting market?
  In the first half of this year, due to the recovery of the international economy and favorable factors, the export of Zhongshan lighting products rose sharply. However, during the export process, the product quality lacked effective control. The low-end market was exported to the low-end market, and the market competition was still relatively weak. . Regarding the problems in the lighting industry, Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has stepped up its efforts to help manufacturing companies, combined with classified management methods, to promote new, planned and targeted help companies to send backbones to find problems and prescribe problems, and encourage companies to follow quality Brand.
The market positioning of    lighting's core competitiveness
  Traditional lighting has a new LED light source, accelerating the formation of a new business model. Governments of various countries actively formulate environmental protection laws and regulations to reduce the use of incandescent lamps. It is also worth mentioning that the LED industry in Taiwan, China has risen rapidly in recent years, and its chip production and packaging production occupy the world's position. Statistics show that Taiwanese products in China account for more than 60% of the world’s market, but the quality of its products cannot enter the first echelon. As the global lighting power consumption accounts for 20% of the total annual power consumption, up to 90% of the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy consumption, which is not in line with the considerations of cost-effectiveness, environmental protection and energy saving. LED lighting has rapidly become popular in technology and industry. Focus. At the same time, governments of various countries are actively formulating environmental protection regulations. The dual interest of laws and regulations in the market stimulates the trend of rapid growth in the scale of the global LED industry.
   With the rapid development of LED street lights and other LED lighting industries in this field, the introduction of new light sources enables more innovative products in lighting design. Therefore, the two fields of LED lighting and traditional lighting are gradually being combined to accelerate the formation of a new lighting business model, which is very conducive to the rapid spread of LED lighting.

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