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Upgrade the Philadelphia street lighting, all 100000 streetlights will switch to LED

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-14

according to U. S. media reports, the Philadelphia was the first city to have street lamps in the United States. However, in the streets to replace with the pace of modern energy-saving LED, Philadelphia is slower than other cities, mainly because the replacement cost is very high.

this is all about to change. Philadelphia energy office was about to notice to the suppliers of conditional, in two to three years is required for all replacement for the LED to the city's 100000 cities street lamp, its purpose is to reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy costs, at the same time some plagued by crime in the community to provide more light. It is understood that the city's annual spending on street lights for $15 million ( About 1. 0. 7 billion yuan) 。

the city's energy manager Adam Agalloco said, shall replace for the LED street lamp will cost $50 million to $80 million, he is eligible to apply for formal suppliers organization.

new installation LED lights need a wireless connection and remote management of new lamps and lanterns, allows the operator to dim the lights to save money or after midnight during the emergency lights will be dispatched to full brightness for assistance. New street lights can also calculate consumption power, and the city in accordance with the fixed costs can be calculated per lamp.

in recent years, the city has been installed in several pilot projects about 5000 light LED street lamps, and gained some experience. Some community may prefer warm color to move, and blue light tend to be more compatible with security cameras and law enforcement targets.

officials said, to find a reasonable price with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp replacement parts is becoming more and more difficult, because the supplier is quickly turned to the LED. Around town hall Gallery and downtown shopping center around all of the street lamp has been replaced by LED.

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