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Urumqi is enabled 'new version Plus light'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-18

recently, kunshan, jiangsu police in individual intersections is enabled 'new version Plus light', marked the band of the signal light pole, together with the lights change. The innovation after media reports, many netizens thumb up.

it is understood that in urumqi XinXing Street shaw primary school in front of the road, intersection and installed with the lamp light. Compared with the traditional light, the light pole has LED lights belt, with a light, and synchronous change color.

urumqi city traffic police detachment traffic division police introduction, now the light is still in trial stage, the police will be according to the daily usage, put forward rectification opinions to relevant units, and further perfect the lamp with various effects, will gradually spread to all junctions.

in fact, this new type of light sanya has, as early as the end of November, 2018, sanya and hexi road traffic police in sanya air street intersection traffic lights to enable the 'new version Plus light'. But only as a pilot, the 'new version Plus light' in the capital is not opening in sanya citywide.

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