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Use led solar garden lamp need to pay attention to

by:CHZ     2020-10-16

Led solar garden light is a set of independent power generation and intelligent lighting system, will be their own solar light into electrical energy. It is not necessary to rebuild the current conduction, saving resources, saving the cost of electricity. The main reason for this is it popular with the users. Then install the led solar garden light important link should pay attention to what? When the main equipment solar garden light is not affected by battery, battery on the control box should be handled with care, in case of damage control box. According to skill will connect wiring connected to the controller, first connect the battery, then connect the load, then connect the solar panels; In wiring operation, must pay attention to the wiring and terminals marked on controller cannot be connected in the wrong way, the positive and negative can't collision or connection is in the opposite direction, otherwise it will damage the controller.

it is necessary to use bolt to the battery terminal wiring clamp connection of the battery, and use of copper gaskets to improve the conductivity of solar garden light. Output line is connected to the battery, after short circuit is prohibited in any case, in case of damage to the battery. When the battery output lines connected to the controller on the telegraph pole, must through the PVC pipes, to prevent contact with other components. After completing the process of the equipment, carefully check the controller of the wiring, prevent short circuit. After normal operation, the door is closed control.

for led solar garden light equipment, parts of each part needs to be fixed: solar panels on the solar panel bracket, lamp holder on the pick arm, then stent and pick arm fixed on the main stem, connect wiring to the control box ( Battery box) 。 Before lifting light pole, first of all, check whether the fasteners, each part is solid, lamp holder equipment is normal, the light source is normal operation.

and debugging the system whether can work normally, loosen the controller connected to the solar panels on the wire, light running normally, connect the solar panels and close the connection lamp; With careful observation controller on the change of each indicator. Only when all the data normal, equipment can be promoted. The main light pole rises, pay attention to safety measures. Tighten screw must be correct. Assumes that the holder of the sun Angle is wrong, it is necessary to adjust the direction of the sun completely to the south, in order to achieve the effect of absorb light energy.

at the completion of the led solar garden light after all process equipment, debugging system again, to see if it can work normally. Solar garden light is normal, to connect the solar panels again and close the connection lamp; Look carefully on the controller with all the changes of light. All the data is normal. Seal control box.

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