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Use the wireless control network, the city of London will become 'wisdom city'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-23

according to foreign media reports, a made up of 15000 light lamps and lanterns of wireless control network will be the city of London into an 'intelligent city'.

the system in addition to lighting control, Including the dimmer) , but also support the traffic and parking monitoring, occupancy sensors, environmental monitoring and asset management, and other applications.

it is understood that the platform by Itron and Urban Control, is a set of Wi - based Sun Alliance network standard open source network.

the system through a few access points to the node sending radio frequency signals of each street lamp. Each node has its own IP address, and act as other each node of the relay, forming a 'mesh'.

London road manager Giles Radford said: 'five years ago, instrumentation equipment, headache, we need to check fault light aircraft. Now, we are seeking to increase the wisdom of a series of innovation city application. '

increase after the wireless control network, has a better balance between light and dark: both meet the functional requirements and meet the demand of aesthetics.

at the same time, a set of variable temperature strategy. Main road illumination is 4000 k, the bypass of the illuminance is 3000 k, traditional lamps and lanterns and the 'key areas' of illuminance is 2700 k. Dimming level setting and lighting is adaptive, can be modified through interactive technology.

street lamps include pollution and air quality sensor and car flow sensor for monitoring real-time traffic data.

in order to ensure the continuity of the strategy and lighting upgrade continues, the city of London has set up a street light board, to constantly upgrade and development.

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