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Use what are the advantages of solar street light to our life?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

as people living standard gradually improve, most of the cases, basically is also used to replace the ordinary street lamp, solar street lamps in the actual processing and manufacturing process of solar street lamps of all of them are made up of various parts, and the number of rural use solar street lights, solar street lamp sales also many, such a device what are the advantages? This is the one thing you want to know,.

【 1 】 Compared with the ordinary street lamp, solar street lamps to install, is very convenient, don't need some complex circuit, need only a cement base can be fixed.

【 2 】 Such a device in the process of actual for installation, itself is a one-time investment, don't need any maintenance follow-up, no maintenance costs, also do not need to pay the electricity bills, ensure more benefit in the short term.

【 3 】 Solar street light panels are compared with the ordinary street lamp can use 25 years, generally speaking its battery at the lowest life also in seven years.

【 4 】 Solar street light itself is also a solar street lamp, energy conservation and environmental protection in line with the modern environmental requirements.

【 5 】 Early's devotion to the solar street light is opposite bigger, but the later maintenance or management cost is relatively low, failure rate is very small.

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