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What are solar street lamps factory control installation method of space

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

the way street light is one of the important lighting, road surface are common, the road lamp is how to manipulate the assembly distance? Follow below the solar street lamps manufacturer small make up to look at it together.

as outdoor lighting source, solar street lamp manufacturers generally lamp height 6 meters, because of its appearance with diverse, beautiful and easy, natural environment of lighting equipment has improved, and decorative features, so the photovoltaic solar outdoor lighting lamp to more things. In the lighting standard level, photovoltaic solar outdoor lamp light do 2300 lm, led color temperature is 2700 k, high light 3. 5 m, basically can do color have good lighting effects.

in order to better maintain good landscape lighting, ensure the service life, the core of the outdoor lamp parameters configuration important include: steel structure, overall hot dip galvanized, electrostatic spraying process of light; According to the load with 15 80 wp crystalline silicon solar panels; Free maintenance lead-acid battery or gel battery; Photovoltaic solar energy saving lighting equipment commonly used light-operated switch + control panel. In addition in the assembly link photovoltaic solar outdoor light waterproof level should be the corresponding technical standards, also need to achieve industry standards in shock.

when conducting road lamp assembly, if choose a mask of outdoor lamp, street lamp manufacturers distance before and after manipulation in 16 meters, if choose diffuse light outdoor lights, no mask assembly distance should be manipulated in 18 to 20 meters. As the road or the importance of landscape lighting light source, the photovoltaic solar outdoor lamp control system level should choose spacing jumper forms in two way manipulation, and then make the photovoltaic solar outdoor lamp can save resources, in using the link road street lamp system configuration cost reduction.

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