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What are the advantages of solar street lights?

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
Faced with today's increasingly serious environmental pollution, various countries have begun to develop and utilize new energy sources, and solar energy is one of them. Therefore, as a nationally certified solar street lamp manufacturer, the solar street lamps produced by Baoding Changhui Lighting have the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, long service life and stable structure. They are mainly suitable for urban and rural roads, residential squares, Industrial parks, tourist attractions, parks and green belts.

As a beautiful landscape, solar street lights are not only beautiful in appearance and durable, but also use solar energy as energy source, no need to lay complicated power supply lines, can be installed in any site, and can be recycled. In addition, it can automatically adjust the switch and work 24 hours a day. Of course, as a representative of the widespread use of new energy, the advantages of solar street lights are far more than these, as shown below:
1. One of its advantages: environmental protection
Solar energy is recognized as the most environmentally friendly energy source in the world, so the pollution index of solar street lamps that mainly rely on sunlight to convert electricity and illuminate is almost zero, and its only possible source of pollution is storage batteries. However, the probability of the battery polluting the environment is very low, mainly because if the battery cannot be used, it will be immediately recycled.
2. Its second advantage: safety
General street lights use 220V or 380V voltage for power supply and lighting, so there are hidden dangers of leakage and fire. However, solar street lights use 12V-24V low-voltage power supply, and the voltage is stable and reliable in operation, and there is no hidden safety hazard at all.
3. Its third advantage: energy saving
For human beings, solar energy is nature's inexhaustible new energy source, and the energy of solar street lights comes from sunlight, so it will not be consumed in large quantities because of lighting like other ordinary street lights. There is energy.
4. Its fourth advantage: suitable for long-term investment
Although the price of solar street lights is higher than that of ordinary street lights, solar street lights are a one-time investment, and there is almost no maintenance cost. Generally, the cost can be recovered in about two years.
5. Its fifth advantage: easy installation
The installation of solar street lights will not be as complicated as the installation of ordinary street lights. It only needs to install a cement base and fix it with stainless steel. Even it can be installed on existing buildings and the installation time is very short.
6. Its sixth advantage: a wide range of applications
Solar street lights are suitable for all kinds of environments, as long as they can be irradiated by sunlight, and are not restricted by any conditions. In addition, it can also be used as an embellishment for high-end residential, outdoor lighting, and landscape lighting for tourist attractions, as well as for outdoor lighting in industrial development zones and universities.

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