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What are the benefits of installing solar street lamp in the countryside

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-16

at present, solar energy lamp is very popular, the new rural construction area to each city on the back of the solar lamp. Solar energy lamp is very popular in the countryside often, I think it is necessary. So what is going on?

1。 The application of solar energy lamp low cost

used in power supply system of the solar water heater, solar lamp, do not use electric power engineering resources, not as laying cables and wires as voltage lamps, can save a lot of money. In the new countryside, solar street lamp manufacturers, people always use voltage type street light, too much electricity can cause the anxiety of the power supply system in summer. If you have a solar lamp, you don't have to take this factor into consideration. It comes from the nature, inexhaustible, an inexhaustible.

solar energy lamp is a capital investment, long service life, is very convenient and can be benefit for a long time. In addition, the maintenance cost is extremely low, is not it's easy to have a big problem.

2。 Solar energy lamp using light-emitting diode light source

I have to admit that is led lamp, solar lamp, with good color rendering index, small light loss, long service life. The application of light emitting diode light source must be better than other light sources. This is a kind of low energy consumption goods, kinetic energy consumption time is long, but long service life.

3。 The safety factor of the solar energy lamp is very good

the solar water heater is very reliable. It has a intelligent controller, to balance the charging current and voltage of battery, intelligent power off. In addition, it USES alternating current (ac), the working voltage is only 28 v, 13 v or so is not easy without power, is not easy to get an electric shock, fire and other safety accidents.

today, many of the new rural construction area choose to use solar energy lamp. Due to all levels of integration, solar lamp more economy, economic and reliable. It has many advantages, will get promotion in the future.

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