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What are the factors affecting solar street light price?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-16

with the continuous development of modern agriculture, industry, people demand for energy is also increasing, in the past some inherent non-renewable energy reserves to reduce slowly, so the development of renewable energy in recent years become a very important project, solar street light as one of the parts gradually brought to the attention of the people, so what are the factors affect the price of solar street light? Bring about below.

on the way home from work we can see rows and rows of street lamps, it is not by human power supply for lighting, but through the day to collect solar energy into electrical energy by battery components and other equipment, part of it is roughly: solar panels, cement base, light plastic shell, batteries, etc. Because of the difference between these materials leads to the price of solar street lights will be different, some solar energy lamp is longer, so it need plastic housing area is big, lead to street lamp price is on the high side. Street lamp battery capacity size had some effect on the price for solar street lamps, large capacity can provide lighting time is long, lighting intensity is big, in order to avoid unnecessary light pollution, solar street light above there will be an inductive switch, it's getting dark when trigger sensors to activate the solar street lighting, wait until the morning when close the solar street lights, such not only can provide convenience for pedestrians, also save the energy.

is not to say that the power of solar module and battery capacity is bigger, the better, the large capacity and high configuration also means bigger costs, which in some extent is also a waste of resources, so early to calculate well suitable for lighting and brightness, the required distance cost savings.

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