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What are the main street lamp installation steps in the street light project?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-04

in a lot of people now travel home from work at night or at night, not like before in lighting equipment, or the dark to go home, in a lot of road area fitted with street lamp, street lamp installation in the street light project are relatively simple and convenient, make surrounding environment where the need to install the first survey, see is not suitable for laying street lamp, such as a place of moisture content in soil is larger, can this place is not very suitable for installation, because the lamp body power supply equipment is buried in the ground, long wet may affect it. Check good environment after the first measurement of the lower part of the lamp body size, and then according to the size of the mining laid the groove, the street light project need to avoid blindly excavation in time and the shape of the lamp holder size does not match, then had a fiasco, not only a waste of time but also the manpower cost, then you can start digging up corresponding depth to determine where to next of digging, the need to use small wooden top can bind between nylon thread so convenient and see whether the same level, avoid the street lamps that will install stagger will affect lighting can also affect the overall aesthetic effect. In the wire rod outer pipe need to use special protection, reduce the moisture in the soil or other corrosive substances cause damage to wire, here need to pay attention to the related wire inserted after don't let them pull too tight, the appropriate loose some more space for wire and elasticity.

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