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What are the top styles of LED high pole lights? What are the projection characteristics?

What are the top styles of LED high pole lights? What are the projection characteristics?


LED high pole light is a kind of lighting used in highways, roads and other places. Beautiful appearance and strong decoration. The lighting area is large, the lighting effect is good, the light source is concentrated, the illumination is uniform, the glare is small, and it is easy to control and maintain. The electric lifting operation is convenient. After the lamp panel is raised to the working position, the lamp panel can be automatically taken off, hooked and unloaded by the steel wire rope. High-pole lights are suitable for outdoor lighting projects such as municipal projects, highways, overpasses, parking lots, stadiums, freight yards, ports, airports and public leisure squares. They are indispensable outdoor lighting products for urban lighting. According to the actual needs of the lighting of the installation area, the choice of the top style of the LED high pole lamp will be different. What are the top styles of LED high pole lights? What are the projection characteristics?

1. Round top, cast light all around

, The lamp panel is a circular or polygonal symmetrical style. With the lamp pole as the center, the light is evenly projected to the surroundings and can be lighted on all sides. It is suitable for road overpasses, piers, large garden central flower beds and airports. If the height of the high pole lamp is relatively high. You can choose the top of the two-circle lighting projection lamp, and the light emitted by the upper circle projection lamp is a narrow beam, which is designed to illuminate a longer range. The floodlights in the lower circle are floodlights, which illuminate the closer area.


2. Semi-circular top, fan-shaped cast light

The lamp panel is fan-shaped, and the projection area is also a fan-shaped surface. It is suitable for crossroads and sidewalks. The height is generally 15 meters, which is beneficial to enhance the lighting of the intersection. It can also be used for square lighting, such as 15-meter square high pole lights are more common.



3. Single cross-bar top, single side lighting

There is no lamp panel in this installation method, only a cross bar, which is illuminated on one side. Generally applicable to areas such as stadiums, large intersections and docks


The above are the three basic installation styles of high pole lights. Different styles have different projection characteristics. We must choose the appropriate installation method according to the actual needs of the project.

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