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What aspects of debugging should be done in the configuration of solar led street light system

by:CHZ     2021-07-15
  In the current road lighting project, the solar led street light system configuration is based on people's power requirements for street lighting and the restrictions of the installation environment for reasonable configuration. However, as people’s demand for street lamp configuration continues to increase, in order to avoid problems in the operation of solar LED street lamps and increase maintenance costs, what aspects of debugging need to be done after the street lamp system is configured?
  System debugging method:
   1. The controller, as an important part of the entire street light system, has the most problems during the street light installation process. In order to ensure the good operation of the controller, the lighting time every night when the controller is set should not be higher than the time control. Node.
  2. Set up the light control function to simulate the light control function according to the delay lighting time set by the street lamp to ensure that the street light control function is normal.
  3. Do a good job of measuring the parameters of each component under normal operation to ensure that its various values u200bu200bare within the normal range to ensure the stability of the entire system.
  For the current road engineering street lamp installation, in order to realize the good operation of the solar led street lamp system, when the street lamp system is configured, only a good debugging of the various parameters of the street lamp system can ensure the stable and reliable operation of the street lamp.

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