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What is not suitable to install roof photovoltaic power station

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-09

install rooftop photovoltaic power station, the use of photovoltaic power generation has become a habit, life was installed on the roof will be idle for effective utilization of resources, better satisfy their demand, save a lot of electricity, but not all roof is suitable for installation of photovoltaic power station, small make up today for you to solve it is not suitable for what kind of situation.

a, where light conditions is bad, because pv power station is in the case of a light is needed to power generation, if the city has been serious or long rainy haze weather, illumination opportunity seldom, so can't construction of photovoltaic power generation, and installed will not very good use, so the place is not suitable for.

the unbearable weight of the roof, photovoltaic power generation will build on the roof, also consider such a roof is whether can bear the weight of fixed, wind pressure and snow load, such as pressure and hold part of photovoltaic components and support pressure, if the weight of the roof can't afford this, then it is not suitable for considering the installation of pv power station.

three, roof, that is to say, after the construction of good, if the roof were some problems such as vegetation or between floor to keep out directly, the solar energy battery components will be fever, once a long time to do this, then directly might damage the solar cell components, so in the early period of the installation need to check this problem.

summarizes the above three points, the installation of roof plants really good should consider these factors, so choose to place, from these aspects to start.

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