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What is standard of solar street light price, how to choose

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-16

with all sorts of lamps, we will choose different decoration materials area choosing the right light, what stateroom choose lamp, choosing what light outside is different, nearly time therefore we will be consulting the basic knowledge of solar street lights, such as solar energy lamp price standard is what kind of? How to select solar lamp? In order to get you as soon as possible to remove the in the mind of doubt, here small make up to the related content of the summary, learning about each other.

solar lamp and how much will it cost?

by photovoltaic panels solar street lamps, lamp, lamp, battery, control panel and other main machinery and equipment, the quality of the components, the size of the photovoltaic panels, the size of the rechargeable batteries, is the key to interfere with the solar street light price reason, therefore, the price is not fixed, need according to the actual configuration, common in thousands of dollars a year.

how to select solar lamp?

how to select solar lamp? Environmental protection and energy saving, low-carbon life has become the representative of the new period, photovoltaic solar power as a kind of new energy technology, is used in all walks of life, the highlight is the city road lighting engineering, such as Beijing cheng gen kexing solar street light, so what kind of solar street light can be called high quality high reliability, high ratio of lamp? Photovoltaic solar street light control plays a particularly important stage, the control panel of the fit and unfit quality directly affect the solar street lamps resist rain days, the pros and cons of reliability and quality.

1, avoid battery charging and charge and discharge, increase the service life of the battery;

2, avoid photovoltaic solar photovoltaic panels or rechargeable battery matrix, battery positive and negative side wrong;

3, avoid load, control panel, and inverter power supply and other machinery and equipment internal short circuit fault;

4, after all, this kind of equipment is charged penetration caused by electric shock when, want to have self protection;

solar street light during the day to bring our role is not obvious, this time was the time that it stored energy, came home from work in the evening he turn it comes into play, give people light the road home, will also be more security.

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