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What is the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery solar street lamps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-12

in recent years, the solar energy lamp rechargeable battery energy storage industry, lithium battery is gradually replacing the traditional colloidal solution is buried rechargeable batteries, become the latest must-haves in the sales market. So, what are the advantages of gel battery, what are the disadvantages of lithium battery in the water heater in space? Rural solar street lamps manufacturer requires customers to pay special attention to when the application? Below, solar lamp manufacturers will answer for you.

generally referred to as lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery is the key to the key of the electrode materials for lithium rechargeable batteries of certain chemicals. Lithium-ion batteries are divided into rechargeable lithium batteries ( Galvanic cell) And rechargeable lithium batteries. The inventor Thomas Edison of lithium-ion batteries

( 1) Compared to the advantages of lithium battery and nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries has the following obvious advantages:

high working frequency, high specific energy, low self-discharge, no memory effect;

lithium battery can do much thinner ( Lithium polymer is only 0. 6 mm thin) And smaller;

total area and appearance can change at will, greatly improving the rechargeable battery product design coordination ability. Manufacturers can make various shape according to customer's requirements and the volume of rechargeable batteries;

compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries of portable and durable, and the correlation of smaller air pollution.

when the lithium battery, or when to recharge the battery to use external power, or again in to recharge the battery after using external connection, it is not easy to create additional loss to rechargeable batteries.

( 2) The defects of the lithium battery

( 1) The lithium battery neither heat nor heat resistance. Because some shortcomings on the processing technology, when working at high temperature, explode

easily affected by the battery.

lithium battery of battery for a long time can make rechargeable batteries on the verge of danger for a long time, which will reduce the rechargeable battery charge and discharge the maintenance characteristics of the power supply circuit.

if the lithium battery more than necessary time did not take out the charging head, after the system software will not stop to recharge the battery, just start the charge and discharge the battery recycling system, charging will shorten the service life of the head.

to recharge the battery must take a long time for a long time, so it should be carried out in the evening. According to the situation of power grid in China, many parts of the night high working voltage, volatile. Compared with ni rechargeable batteries, lithium battery charge and discharge level fluctuations in resistance is poor, so the lithium battery will deepen and shorten service life.

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