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What is the advantages and disadvantages of solar led street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-15

now, in our city construction, street lighting use solar led street light, this is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving lamps, is also a kind of ideal lighting facilities. Now that our solar led street light is so popular, they have many advantages, of course, so today we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of our solar led street lamp, let everyone know. At present, in China, there are many solar road lamps and lanterns manufacturers, product quality is uneven. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of solar led street light.

solar road lamps and lanterns manufacturer:

the advantages and disadvantages of solar led street lamp

solar led street light - — Led solar street light

energy is an important guarantee of social and economic development, vigorously develop renewable energy is the main way to solve the problem of energy crisis. With the improvement of people's living standard and the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, rural solar road lamps and lanterns manufacturers focus on human health and sustainable development, expanding the human demand for pollution-free, environmental protection and energy saving lamps and lanterns.

solar road lighting system by solar panels, battery, controller, light pole and lamps and lanterns. Solar panels for generating electricity by photovoltaic effect, store electricity, battery charging control, discharge, and lighting time. Usually, according to the wattage of lamps and lanterns to determine how many solar panels and batteries.

the advantages of solar street light:

1. The characteristics of the led street light itself is - — 。 Light is a one-way, no light diffusion, to ensure that the lighting efficiency.

2。 The present invention has unique secondary optical design, to the led street lamp light to stay lighting area, further improve the efficiency of lighting, achieve the goal of energy saving.

3。 At present, the led light source efficiency is 110 - 130 lumens per watt, also has the very big development space, the theoretical value of 250 lumens per watt, but high pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency increased with the increase of power increases, so the integral luminous efficiency of led street light than the high-pressure sodium lamp.

4。 Led street light, light color performance is far higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp. High pressure sodium lamp index of color rendering only 23, and led street light index of more than 75 color. From the visual and psychological point of view, it has reached the same brightness, LED street light illumination can reduce more than 20% on average.

5。 Led street lamp light attenuation is small, less than 3% a year, 10 years still can satisfy the requirement of road lighting, and high pressure sodium lamp light attenuation is bigger, fell more than 30% a year or so. Therefore, the design of the led street lamp can be lower than that of high pressure sodium lamp.

6。 Led street light automatic control and energy saving device, in the case of meet the requirements of lighting in different periods, as far as possible to reduce power, save power. Spark? Intelligent led street lamp can realize computer dimming, time-division control, lighting control, temperature control, remote control, humanized functions such as automatic detection.

7。 Led is low pressure device, driving a single led voltage is safe. Series of products in each led to power of 1 watt, safer than using high voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places, Such as street lamps, factory lighting, automotive lighting, civilian lighting, etc. ) 。 ) 。

8。 Each unit of the led chip, only a small volume, so it can be prepared into various shapes of the device, and is suitable for all kinds of environment.

9。 Long service life: can use more than 50000 hours, and provide three years warranty. The disadvantage is that does not guarantee the power of life.

10。 High photosynthetic efficiency, compared with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, size 100 MB chip can save more than 75% of the energy.

11。 Easy installation: no need for buried cable and rectifier, directly to the lamp holder is installed on a lamppost, or the light source is nested within the original lamp shell.

12。 Excellent thermal control: summer temperature control below 45 degrees, using passive cooling, inadequate protection of the summer heat.

13。 Reliable quality: all the power supply circuit adopt high quality components, each led has its own over-current protection, there is no need to worry about

based on the above principle, solar road high power led street light energy-saving effect is remarkable, alternative high-pressure sodium lamp energy saving more than 60%.

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