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What is the best match for outdoor landscape lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-08
With its beautiful and elegant shape design and unique light distribution design, outdoor landscape lights play an irreplaceable important role in the garden at night.
The outdoor landscape lights create a soft and bright environment, allowing people to enjoy the surrounding environment peacefully in the courtyard, and enjoy the courtyard atmosphere of the combination of nature and buildings, complementing each other. Choosing the right landscape lights can not only light up the garden, but also effectively ensure the safety of the family during night activities.
In the courtyard integrated into the lighting design, other design elements, sculptures, water features, and plants can be more vividly expressed. According to different partitions, conventional lighting includes ground lawn lamp series; wall wall lamp series; and chandelier series for gallery frames or outdoor eaves.
The ground lawn lamp is generally installed on both sides or at the turning point of important sections, which has the function of walking lighting.
Wall sconces are generally installed on the facade wall of the courtyard or the pillars of the gallery frame. Play the role of intermediate lighting. Chandeliers are generally installed at central points such as eaves or pavilions. Play the role of top lighting.
Stairs will use light strips, pavilions will use corridor lights, shadow wall lights, etc., pools or water show spots will use pool spotlights.
When choosing a garden light source, use a warm light source as much as possible. Light sources that are too cold, or bizarre colored light sources, are generally not suitable for private courtyards. Too cold, too glamorous, lack of softness and comfort.
Landscape lighting should consider factors such as brightness, protection level, power, and service life in the selection of lighting fixtures, and choose appropriate power parameters according to different scenes. To
For courtyard lamps, floodlights are generally chosen. In short, there is a cover on the top. After the light is emitted, the top is covered, and then reflected outward or downward. Avoid direct lighting directly upwards, which is very dazzling.
Choose the appropriate height of the lamp post to ensure uniform illumination. In addition to the uniform location of the lamps and the reasonable distance, the height of the lamp post should be appropriate. The setting height of the lamp is related to the purpose, and the height of the general lighting lamp is about 3 meters; and the height of the lamp used for scenery should be determined according to the situation. In addition, the ratio of the height of the lamp post to the horizontal distance between the lamp posts must be appropriate to form uniform lighting.
The soft and relaxing lighting will make the courtyard environment more peaceful and comfortable, cordial and pleasant. The entire lighting should be uniformly arranged, the illumination is uniform and fluctuating, with an artistic effect of light and dark rhythm. At the same time, we must prevent inappropriate dark corners from appearing.
The style of courtyard lamps can be selected according to the style of the courtyard. Friends who choose difficult diseases can choose simple lines of squares, rectangles, and versatile. The color is mostly black, dark gray, and bronze. Under normal circumstances, use less white.

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