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What is the difference between solar panels and concentrated solar?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

I believe you also are clear, is that we use solar street lamps, or water heater are need to use solar panels into heat energy, then its implementation is essentially to the conversion of solar radiation, and now the most common way of two kinds of conversion of electrical energy is concentrated solar, another is the solar panels. So what's the difference between the two? Today he brought everyone together to look at.

first is concentrated solar, is our common type of physical phenomena, is to use the lens, the light on to a point, this point will heat up become very hot after heating, the second reuse after heating water to drive a steam turbine, will be very trouble, but in practice and use of water, the biggest defects is the conversion rate is very low, so is time-consuming effort, effect is not so good.

second is our common solar panels, and is more convenient in installation. Can use panels convert sunlight directly, and the size of the panels is not limited by conditions of use, the only drawback is that if the battery panel by sunlight exposure when temperature is too high, the power conversion efficiency will be reduced. That is about the transformation of two kinds of solar energy products, if you have any questions can contact us directly, can also focus on the subsequent update website.

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