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What is the solar energy lawn lamp configuration

by:CHZ     2020-10-15

solar lawn equipment? Today we will learn together. We should save energy in daily life, try to reduce environmental pollution. We need not only in the home, office, also need to save energy in public places. Now the government attaches great importance to the pollution and deterioration of urban environment. Every night, you will find in the streets and parks, very bright, the equipment requires a lot of street lamp. If you use the traditional street lamp, you need to use a lot of power, in order to realize the function of the night view lighting and decoration. However, if we use solar led street light and solar lawn, we can save a lot of energy, and achieve better result together.

1。 Light-emitting diodes (leds) is an ideal light source, the replacement of traditional light source was widely used; Basically, a very small chip is encapsulated in the epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light.

2。 Long service life. Under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of the light emitting diode can be up to 100000 hours, high brightness. Low thermal solar lawn is green.

3。 Solar energy lawn of low power consumption, and LED light source, power consumption is low. Under normal circumstances, the working voltage of light-emitting diodes (leds) for 2 - 3. 6 v, working current is zero. 02 - 0. 3 a, the power consumption is less than 0. 1 w leds using non-toxic materials. Unlike mercury fluorescent lamp, mercury can cause environmental pollution, leds can be recycled.

4。 Solar energy lawn of a feature is its consolidation. Solar energy lawn completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, is much stronger than the light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Solar energy lawn no loose parts, is not easy to damage the leds.

it is well known that the solar energy lawn is an important phenomenon around the lawn lighting facilities and equipment. Lawn lamp combining design and soft light, increased the safety of the urban green space and beautiful sex, easy to install and decoration. Can be used for parks, gardens, villas, pedestrian street and so on the lawn.

most of ultra bright white light leds are suitable for solar energy lawn. Today, many solar lawn using light-emitting diode as light source, has the function of long life and low voltage. However, light emitting diode technology has obtained the breakthrough, its function, equipment, and price is also had the very big enhancement.

1 w under low power solar lawn using light-emitting diode as light source. High power solar lawn should correctly choose RGB efficient energy-saving lamps. Solar energy lawn should choose reasonable equipment, and should consider the energy saving effect, cost performance, reliability, color and light power. We believe that the ideal light source is solar energy, solar energy lawn has energy-saving, environmental protection, fashion, and many other advantages. Welcome to order for solar street lamps from China. We will provide you with all kinds of high quality products, such as solar lawn lamp, solar street light, solar phenomena etc.

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