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What is the working principle of solar street light?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

the sun as a free resource gradually be used by people, and in recent years has been advocated to save electricity, therefore also have a have a holiday, advocates the lights for one hour, including promoting the use of new energy, including solar power, because solar access to is very simple, also do not have the resources waste, noise and other issues. Solar street light is through the panels absorb sunlight and then converted into electrical energy stored, and so can street lamps energy-saving device can automatically adjust the time enough, let the street lamp lighting only at night, on its own will not pollute the environment, and is a new energy utilization is very energy conservation and environmental protection.

solar street light does not need to consider when the initial set up complex circuit problems, is just a simple light pole, batteries, lamps and lighting, as long as make a cement pit can to protect the battery unit, using the parts of the treated as if an assembly, and ensure that the entire solar street lamps in the internal wiring from being damaged when the rains washed out, through the street lamp panels is the widespread use of dc power supply, do not need other inverter, energy conversion by sun panels during the day, a single sunlight is too strong, the port voltage is greater than the battery voltage, the controller will trigger protection mechanism, will be reduced to an acceptable range battery, prolong the service life of the battery.

the day black, optical sense a function controller connect battery and light form a closed loop for lighting, if the battery is fully charged before the sun has not vanished out entirely, the controller will also trigger a rush to protect the two connection disconnect.

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