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What of the reason of the reform of street lamp

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

street reconstruction is a very common municipal engineering in recent years, its purpose is to replace old-fashioned street lamps in the city, and guarantee the quality of street lighting, and in the process of street lamp renovation, we can find that, sometimes, of the road of the reform of street lights, the street lights and no damage, but also the street light, is this why? Let's look at.

1, in order to guarantee the effect of lighting. In street renovation process, there are part of a street lamp transformation because of street lamp lighting effect can't satisfy the demand, only the lights of renovation, to know the lamp bulb in the process of using, the lighting effect will gradually decline, and old-fashioned street lamps, and its lighting using incandescent lamp, so the lighting effect is very limited, in this case, in order to ensure that the lamp lighting effect, using the new lamp to replace the old street lamp is very normal things.

2, to save energy. Old-fashioned street lamps in order to ensure the lighting effect, so the choice is power big bulb, this is because the technology at that time are not up to the standard of the energy conservation, and the street lamps using LED lamp and solar street lamp, its energy consumption is far lower than the old street lamp, so in order to save energy, street lamps renovation is very necessary.

3, for the sake of safety. Street lamps in use after a certain period of years, the circuit will be aging, if not in time for replacement at this time, it may lead to leakage, therefore need streetlight renovation.

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