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What street reconstruction

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

street reconstruction project is now more popular a kind of street lamps, because if you want to remove some of the old street lamp need to put in a lot of economic construction. So a lot of places can choose street reconstruction, through transforming to upgrade, such not only can reduce a lot of cost, also can reduce a lot of construction period. Let me introduce you a simple introduction to common street lamp transformation way.

some of the old street lamp, lighting not only small range, and power consumption. In addition, we often can see in some of the old streets, street lamp light yellow, bulb above also has many black marks, as these are some of the older bulbs. Now the energy-saving lamps lighting effect is good, not only bright bulb, save electricity and more. According to some places can also can control color lighting bulbs, for the city to add a beautiful colour.

street reconstruction can also be street lamp solar street lamps instead of the original power supply lamps. Now with the constant progress of science and technology, we use for energy saving should also hold more and more good. Not only can save a lot of electricity using solar street lamps, and laid, to power supply line is not very convenient, can be used in all sorts of places.

because of the benefits of street reconstruction has a lot of, so now there are a lot of old street lamps are through transforming to bring help for our trip.

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