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What was the reason for the street lamp lighting inside

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

some people often watch the news should now for worldwide energy shortage must be know, although our life looks very stable now, but we can't see the places in the world, there are a lot of the lack of resources, and tens of thousands of people died because of this, you want for us to save resources, it is critical that so many are changed into the led energy-saving lamps for street lighting source, but there is a flower when we will find that blinks on, why is this so? To look at with small make up.

most of the time if the led street lamp lighting inside a big reason is that heat dissipation is poorer, so lead to street lamps in use process temperature is too high, thus causing the voltage is reduced, but because the current is normal, so they can make the temperature of the chip constantly, finally will lead to a vicious circle, in the long run, will lead to street lamp flickering phenomenon, or directly is very dim.

a lot of time because there is no installation radiator, street lamp or the chip's thermal conductivity is very poor, even if also can't timely cooling installation radiator, it is possible that the power of control quality is bad, will cause street light coming in use process more bad of the problem, the end result is the effect on the application of street lamp lighting effect.

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