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When installing solar street lamps in the garage to avoid the pitfalls

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-16

when it comes to solar street lamp, also believe that because now use is common, so a lot of people still have a certain understanding, so small make up like to chat with you today in the installation of solar street light on some of the erroneous zone, because there are too many people is for solar products because it's familiar with, so there are a lot of small details not note, thus caused a lot of myth in use.

now in order to save land, so a lot of some residential and office buildings are built underground garage, but because of the underground garage is relatively broad, so for many developers, if electricity can feel uneconomic, so will use solar street lamps, these may be used, should be can adopt the way of power supply and solar panels are separated, but have a lot of problems in the installation of solar panels, some in order to save space, installation is very casual, but because of the underground garage near the installation, the surrounding buildings is higher, so on the absorption of light is not very good advantage, in the long term, for the service life of the panels is not very good.

is above the underground garage or some low building yes some misconceptions in installation of solar street lamps, hope the broad masses of consumers can circumvent this problem, because can make the service life of the panels to be affected, hope can bring you some help.

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