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Which place is suitable for installation of distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation system

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

home roof and balcony: home installation of distributed photovoltaic system, instant a means of environmental protection, but also a way of stable investment. Distributed make full use of idle resources, such as the roof and balcony of electricity can receive state subsidies in addition to self-use, excess capacity but also sold to the national grid.

agricultural facilities: rural areas have a large number of available roof, including residential, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds, etc. , the countryside is often at the end of the public power grid, power quality is poorer, distributed photovoltaic power generation system in rural construction electricity protection and power quality can be improved.

industry workshop: especially in electricity consumption is bigger, the online electricity is more expensive in the factory, workshop roof area is large, usually open flat roof, suitable for installation of pv array. At the same time, because of its high power load distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid system can be given on the spot, offset part of the online power, thereby saving the user's electricity.

commercial buildings: similar to the effect of the industrial park, the difference is that commercial buildings more for cement roof, is more advantageous to install photovoltaic array. But usually have requirements of architectural aesthetics, according to the shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, conference center, resorts and other services, the characteristics of the user load characteristic is generally characterized by higher during the day, night is low, to better match the photovoltaic properties.

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