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who turned off the stars? light pollution

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-25
When you look up at the night sky on a clear night, you may mumble, \"Wow, look at the stars.
\"Well, if you live anywhere near a big city, you don\'t know half of it.
What you may not realize is that you are suffering from light pollution.
The sky is washed down by excessive urban lighting and you may only see hundreds of stars instead of thousands
Or sadly, maybe only a few dozen.
And when we don\'t see more and more stars because of light pollution, we lose contact with the universe.
We may even lose a little soul.
Click on the audio player above for more information. How true.
When I was in the Navy, I was surprised to find that when I exceeded the limit of 200 miles, I was able to read a book through starlight.
The stars are really great.
Now that we have educated all the children in the city center about light pollution, can we continue to discuss a real issue?
The bigger problem is due to this problem, such as the impact on migratory birds, turtles, etc.
They can\'t find their way.
Turtles walk on the streets of the city, not along the lights of the moon and stars to the ocean, and so on.
After destroying the habitat of other animals, humans cannot live alone in the world.
What makes you think the direction of the moon and the ocean is always the same?
I want to know how much light
Bugs try to fly to the full moon.
God has space for all the cute little animals. .
Right next to mashed potatoes.
In southern Florida, the moon always rises from the Atlantic Ocean at sunset.
The turtles were attracted by the moonlight and sea in the evening.
If there are bright city lights, they will feel confused, they will go the wrong way and die.
What type of lights can businesses use near the beach are regulated.
Fort Lauderdale installed turtle safety lights on the beach.
They are very cool and from a distance it looks like a pole with no lights, but when you happen to be under the pole the lights light up the road.
Not as many lights as normal, but who cares, I don\'t think they should even have street lights.
It should be dark at night.
You might kick a puppy, don\'t you? @wavejump100 -
The moon does not rise at the same time every night from anywhere on Earth;
This is impossible in astronomy.
The specific rise time depends on the phase of the moon.
The full moon always rises at sunset.
The new moon always rises at sunrise.
Jack, common sense will tell you what has happened to researchers in the last 15 years. . .
There is a good reason for the darkness at night.
Have you tried sleeping during the day?
It\'s hard, isn\'t it?
First of all, if you wake up in the dark, your body will not produce enough melatonin.
The interesting thing about this hormone is that it can fight cancer.
If you don\'t have enough food, you will get cancer.
The male is the prostate and the female is the breast.
There are other important environmental impacts.
Do you know that smog is called \"light?
Because the car that the Sun \"cooks\" is amazing.
It turns out that there is enough light to go straight into the sky at night and continue cooking smoke. Think about it. . .
This is the easiest pollution to control. . .
You can be careful how to use the light at night, you and I don\'t need to illuminate the belly of clouds, birds and planes right now, do you?
We should thank so many researchers who did their best to inspire all of us.
I was wondering how many researchers found access to the news in a week.
I think that\'s what all the researchers do. e. , \'research\'. i agree.
Who decided we had to turn on the lights at night? i prefer dark.
Save energy without pollution.
The car has headlights and you can bring a flashlight if you want.
I would personally prefer it if they removed all the street lights.
I hate to shine through the windows all night.
The night sky is amazing when you are away from the lights of the city.
Many of us have forgotten, or have never seen the sky in real darkness.
I can stare at it for hours.
If you live anywhere, you don\'t really see everything you can see except in the middle of nowhere.
Eroteme, I am a scientist living in biomedical research.
My own research may make it possible that men with prostate cancer do not have to remove the prostate and nuts.
Researchers like me have never appeared in the news because I am always doing research because when the work reaches clinical trials, the doctors who are recruited will eventually receive credits.
I\'m at work now, Saturday, although I took a break while watching CNN News.
I would like to know what contribution you have made to all mankind today or any other day, the last week or any other week.
So it\'s a big problem that we can\'t see the real world around us.
Use the lights to block all ufo in the dark and not see with me in the dark. e. street lights.
Jack, because most people live in cities, they can no longer see the glory of our natural world, they don\'t care about nature or even themselves.
Because human nature is a very ugly thing to a large extent, naturally invisible or non-existent, so people pay attention to the ugliness they can see and become unwatched.
This is a big deal, and so is light pollution. An hour-
In big cities, the power outage for a long time is a great blessing.
If people are smart enough to look up and realize that we are all on this spaceship Earth.
Then, their everyday problems will appear smaller, and people will collect opinions.
Perhaps we will reduce our desire for constant struggle.
Watching the stars is part of our tradition, Jack.
What do you think?
TV/reality TV
I think my universe is a little more magnificent than yours. Thank God. Grow up! ! ! ! ! ! ! Join now!
International darkness
Member of Sky Association. Space is scary.
No bottom! =]and no top!
You mean space is a bright spot?
It\'s just disturbing and not terrible.
I remember 96 years when Hurricane Fran passed NC we saw an incredible star show because there was a power outage everywhere.
This is impressive, to say the least.
When Irene came last summer, I had a similar experience.
The weather is unusually cool (
Not cold is not hot)
Absolutely beautiful without the moon.
I haven\'t seen such a star since my \"camping\" Night at college.
I \'ve been trying to get my wife out and have a look, but it doesn\'t seem to be interesting to some.
In August 2003, when it was dark in the northeast of the United States, we spent a starry night in the MI district of Detroit.
I took out my telescope and took a picture of the North American Nebula.
10 minutes of exposure, it is impossible to turn on the light. The (un)
Natural sky background glow usually limits the time exposure of the sky to 90 seconds.
Despite the humidity, I managed to get a great picture before the moon rises at eleven o\'clock P. M. Come on everyone!
It\'s just a story of \"returning to nature\" and you can clearly see the night sky when you are in the country.
There is no political agenda, no global warming statement, etc. , here.
When you use the word \"pollution\" it means it needs to be cleaned up.
In space, we have satellites that look further than any Earth-based telescope, so that doesn\'t stand in the way of astronomy.
Look at my review, Eric. . .
I bet Eric never went to the scene to watch anything because he also had TV.
So Eric, we don\'t need to put it out if your house is on fire, because there are a lot of other houses, right?
We can do a lot of such astronomical observations from the earth. if there is no light pollution, the cost is much lower.
Of course, going beyond the atmosphere has an advantage over the normal visible spectrum, but backyard astronomers living in dark sky areas are doing a lot of real astronomical research.
The American \"city lazy\" with binoculars can do more.
I\'m not going to log in to facepuke to comment on this article on the melted Antarctic ice cap.
Therefore, I will say here: \"The atmospheric warming in the north of the Antarctic Peninsula is about 2.
5 degrees Celsius (36.
5 degrees Fahrenheit)
In the last 50 years. .
\"Someone please tell CNN\'s staff that when a person mentions a temperature change, he will not increase the temperature by 32 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit (
Difference of water freezing point between two systems). A change of 2.
5 ℃ is change 4. 5 degrees F.
This is a story about how humans pollute the night sky with light-causing it to be difficult to see stars at night.
The stars condensed over the past 13 years.
Because of gravity for 7 billion years.
Why do trolls like ypu send these boards with empty religious spam?
Did we enter your church and ask you to think so?
I am a religious man who likes to watch the sky at night.
I also like religious people to think about things.
Unfortunately, Elizabeth, you are a minority who is disappearing.
I am an astronaut and I am a religious person.
The comments here are ridiculous. . .
Read mine before you post your crap again!
The name of the website tells me that it knows nothing about the truth.
If you are in AZ, you can go to Grand Canyon National Park.
The night sky is different from anything I see in my life.
You can actually see the curvature of the Earth.
I can\'t catch my breath.
To the Canyon, Utah.
The evening was great-from the Grand Canyon to the grand staircase to southern Utah, no one had an amazing night sky for miles.
The air is so clear that it\'s not uncommon to see mountains 100 miles away and you are standing on the plateau to start.
Plus the distance from the big city and their light pollution, the scenery here is not the same as anywhere I have been.
I don\'t understand how you can see the curvature of the Earth.
This is meaningless.
Do I have to do a Google search now or since I was in my 70 s light pollution is a problem and I remember someone talking about it.
I grew up in Fullerton, an OC suburb less than an hour from Los Angeles, and at night we could see a lot of stars.
Several times a year, we go to the milk house of 29 Palms in the desert near Palm Springs and look up at the night sky like watching the whole galaxy, which is absolutely full of stars.
I am sorry to say that this is no longer the case.
Any beam that enters space without reflection represents not only light pollution;
This means a lot of waste of energy and money.
Take a look at any Earth photos taken from the satellite at night and find out how much is wasted. What a joke. .
If you want to see more stars leave the city. . .
Most people are less interested, most stars are millions of light years away, and why worry about them not going anywhere soon.
It\'s too bad. you are so ignorant and lack imagination.
\"Will not go anywhere soon \".
Interestingly, because most of them have left, it has been thousands of years.
Looking up to the sky is like looking up to the past.
It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the light to reach us from the sun, so how long do you think it will take for the light to reach us further away?
Many people have gone through their life and explosions and we just haven\'t seen it yet.
It\'s my point. .
They are too far away from us and we don\'t even know if they are still there for the last thousands of years.
I personally don\'t live in the city, and I don\'t like the sky and stars at night.
My point is that light pollution is the last problem we care about.
The real smog pollution is a bigger problem and will block the sky in some places.
The \"most\" visible stars have \"disappeared\", which is not true.
\"In fact, only a very small percentage\" disappeared.
\"Stars can last hundreds of millions to tens of billions of years anywhere, and the average distance of stars we can see with the naked eye is about 350 light years.
The death of a star that we could have seen can also be seen. in all recorded history, humans only witnessed the \"death\" of a few stars \", this means that only a few of the visible stars die.
Obviously, there is not much bright light in your universe.
You have to live a sad life.
I sympathize with you.
Comments so sad
If you can see the night sky like our ancestors, you will have a greater understanding of why they develop religion, why they feel the need to be part of not just their small group, why, and, to a large extent, how they develop their culture.
If the whole society can see the night sky, then there will be profound changes in the way we interact.
It will stimulate the philosophical problems and the psychological effects it will have will be important.
I will be much less. me-me-
If people see the vast space and how insignificant we are, I will be in this world. Instead.
You sit in ignorance, judge the merits of the problem, and most likely never experience the absolute awe of the night sky. Sad.
I feel sorry for you.
This is not just a problem with the city.
By 100, our Observatory was built on rural farmland far from the city.
Now, it\'s less than a mile from strip shops and car dealers. The farm land?
Now it is no longer in the suburbs, where light pollution is as serious as the city.
Just because you\'re not interested in going beyond 2.
The existence of dimensions on the surface of this rock does not mean that everyone else should be deprived of this opportunity.
The past generations have been inspired to explore their world and universe by taking note of what happened in the sky above.
Now, half of the people I talk to have no reason for the moon.
There is no justification for the growing distrust of science in the United States, and we seem to be back in the dark.
If it\'s just \"dark\" in the literal sense, one can explore the stars again.
We can see a dozen stars here most nights.
We seem to replace the beauty of the night sky with the ceiling.
Will surely kill our souls.
Staring at our phones all day long, mindless zombies.
Beauty, poetry, miracles?
These days are in short supply.
\"Heaven declares the glory of God. . .
Psalm 19: 1 as a hand-
Grind, Polish, and think of my own 12.
I can tell you that I need to use the filter on my eyepiece so I can see some great objects in the sky correctly.
Try going to the country at night and you will be surprised by the difference.
I often wonder why light pollution is not as concerned as air pollution, noise pollution, etc.
Don\'t get me wrong. all pollution is bad, but light pollution is rarely mentioned.
I grew up in the countryside but lived in the city most of my adult life.
I love the city house, but one of the things I miss most about the \"country\" is to stare at peace, quiet and stars on a clear night.
Light pollution is also the easiest and cheapest form of pollution.
Once you \"turn off\" light pollution, it disappears, unlike air or water pollution that can last for a long time.
Reducing energy consumption also means you can achieve cost savings immediately.
I just flew on a clear night last week and it was amazing how many lights you can see when you fly straight over them.
Why are they pointing to the sky?
You should only see the area where the ground or the building is illuminated, not the light source itself.
Let\'s take a look. it looks like the global warming scam has started.
They need a new job.
People who don\'t buy it-
You got caught again.
$ Cough. . .
Do you think it\'s a scam that The Weather Channel mentions thousands of record highs year after year?
Or are they and the people who make the thermometer just part of the conspiracy?
Edwin, any claim that global warming, especially the idea that humans cause global warming, is a hoax is foolish.
But be careful that the highest global record for a year or even a few years does not necessarily mean global warming.
The problem of climate change is much more complicated.
Global warming can cause temperatures to drop in some areas: if you melt polar ice caps and send a lot of ice water to the ocean, some areas will get colder.
Also, over time, the weather gets colder and colder even under longer warming or cooling trends, which is normal.
So, again, be careful what you think about these issues.
Joe, is it possible for you to say that because the average has not warmed up since 1998?
I think in the ice age, when the glacier is formed
The world must be cooking because none of the ice cubes will be scattered to cool the rest of the world. ?
See how intellectual we have fallen in this regard?
If we compare the averages for a hundred years and thousands of years and compare them to the peaks for 1, 5, or 10 years --
We have a false comparison.
We can\'t see the peak drop-
In the past decade
So this comparison is not legal.
Sorry, I can\'t put this aside.
Driving me crazy. Edwin-
Is this a thermometer used by Professor Phil Jones of the University of Hadley?
Please google Phil Jones Hadley, who was caught forging data to prove global warming --he got caught. the except?
I\'m afraid it\'s the tip of the iceberg-no pun intended :-).
Read the handle that suits you best. . . . \"joke\" indeed. . . .
The best handle for anyone is behind the zipper.
When I hold firmly and start a stroke, he does whatever I say. That\'s no joke.
\"Prank\" made me understand this;
The world\'s top scientists have gathered to create a plot about global warming. . . ?
I \'d love to know your theory.
I think you dropped out of high school, right?
JPX, as long as Google\'s new world order, you will be interested in the agenda of global warming.
Do not use the word \"theory\", which means that it cannot be refuted as correct or incorrect.
Using the actual term \"idea\" means it\'s just a possibility to argue and hash.
Theory is like relativity, gravity, Big Bang, and even Higgs --boson.
No, I\'m an engineer with a college education.
I don\'t need to swear-
Transferring the focus of a theory that proved to be wrong at best
But it\'s actually a lie.
I\'m willing to accept their facts.
Whether global warming or not
What it is-what it is.
Don\'t you think that if this person makes the global warming population truly believe that they will at least accept the theory that the actual situation will not happen?
Why none of the deniers have released evidence that climate change is a peer scam
Review of Scientific journals?
Why did many \"scientists\" of deniers have previously worked in big tobacco companies to tell people there is no health problem with smoking?
Light pollution has long been a problem.
It\'s not just the present, you\'ll know it\'s a fact if you \'ve ever left the city.
All you have to do is raise your head!
The problem of light pollution is at least ten years earlier than global warming.
Take off the tin foil hat.
Global warming made by humans is a 100% scam, a money scam. Artist industry
I hate to rain on all your parades.
If carbon dioxide causes climate change, it will be reflected in the reconstruction of geological historical temperatures, but this is not the case.
Carbon dioxide is the product of a rise in temperature, not the cause
This happens to be a fact.
The reason is that the warming of the ocean releases carbon dioxide and the cool ocean absorbs carbon dioxide.
The activity of the sun will affect the solar wind, which transfers subatomic particles to the Earth\'s climate, thus generating clouds, and more clouds will reduce the temperature.
Cloud less warm.
Hundreds of years of data have proved this.
Not 20 years of Gore hot air. One more thing-
1970 Paul Erlic we still have 5 years to save the world and by 1980 we will need gas masks to breathe and the ocean will boil and 1988 ted dansig we have 10 years to save the plants, 1984 David brynski we have the end of the world for 20 years
I can continue--
Do you have any ideas about these geniuses?
Artificial global warming is a propaganda and a solution to the problem.
To investigate the facts.
Not propaganda.
\"Light\" is not \"pollution \".
Pollution is persistent and toxic.
In this case, light is not permanent or toxic.
Yes, there are fewer stars visible, yes, there are some people who may be affected morethan-ancient-
Amount of time for ambient light.
But let\'s not use the error.
The main term for pollution.
No pollution is permanent.
\"Once our stupid, arrogant human beings have disappeared, the Earth will recover.
I suggest you look up the dictionary.
I have never met a definition like you.
As for the artificial light blurring the view of the stars, \"pollution\" is a proper term.
In fact, lighting the air is also a pure waste.
Just redirect the wrong fixture and have the appropriate shield and reflector for the new fixture, aim the light where it needs to be-on the ground-instead of sending so much light directly where it\'s not good at all.
In this sense, pollution is more like paper bags or apple core garbage in wooden areas, it has no natural toxicity to the surrounding environment, but, it has fun to watch from the area.
That\'s what they think. The (man-made)
The light masks the purity of the night sky.
I call that pollution.
No, it\'s a pollutant.
To make life work, they depend on the darkness of the night.
Half of them start their daily activities at sunset.
Adding artificial lights greatly reduces the amount of time they spend looking for food, a partner, or a safe presence.
Unfortunately, birds and insects are often attracted to the lights and die.
The large-scale slaughter of insects alone is shocking, which is the basis of the food chain of many species.
Sea turtle Cubs need dark land so they can find water and start their lives.
Some kinds of trees are negatively affected by the lights.
Lights directly affect their light cycle, they usually grow leaves, Bloom, close at night, or drop their leaves before the winter storm comes, break the branches that fill them with leaves and slowly kill the tree.
Even human beings cannot survive the light.
More and more studies have found that night lighting may be a factor contributing to breast cancer in women and to prostate cancer in men.
The American Cancer Society uses evening work as a risk factor for cancer because it interferes with the protective hormone melatonin, which is produced by the body\'s exposure to light.
When we consider the total destruction effect of light on us and animals in the wild, you realize that it is a pollutant that is as destructive as a toxic chemical spill over the land.
The final result is almost the same.
The difference is that due to light pollution, we pay and consume energy day and night in order to make this pollutant, and if we make some efforts to turn off or turn off the lights, we can easily correct this.
Dave, obviously you don\'t even have binoculars, let alone astronomical magazines like astronomy or Sky telescopes!
However, willful ignorance is foolish.
Semantics is a bad excuse for debate.
Light may not be toxic, but coal and fossil fuels used for power generation must be toxic (
And the resulting air pollution)
Let those lights shine like hell!
KDC, maybe some of us are astronomers, have telescopes and look at the sky. . . You don\'t ?
I remember when I was in my 70 s, my friend from Chicago came to visit me in central Illinois.
They capture, capture, in the night sky, because, at home, they say, all they see at night is clouds floating over the city.
Later, when I visited them, I understood what they meant.
I stared because I didn\'t see a star.
Only the clouds that float.
Yes, the city residents missed a bunch of good things in their lives.
The bright stars light up the night, the quiet night, only the cricket, the wind and the owl fill the night, the smell of fresh air is full of the fragrance of flowers, the View miles away, there is nothing artificial, ah, ah, a good life.
City people also get benefits such as access to nightlife, restaurants and shops that don\'t close at six o\'clock P. M. , museums and concert activities, access to specialized schools for children, etc. -
The country life is beautiful and the city life is beautiful. Quite true.
None of this, however, needs to be abandoned in exchange for a simple improvement of the fixture, on the ground, directing the light to where it is needed, rather than using it to illuminate the air useless and expensive. Yeah. . .
Lots of rubbish are dumped in various places. . . .
Give me this country anytime, anywhere! !
Edwin, we all need night lighting and we don\'t need it to light up the clouds and planes. Edwin. . .
I think all the points are correct.
I\'m going to take over nature and take over high-priced high-calorie foods, that is, restaurants and noise pollution, that is, concerts.
I don\'t need to enjoy food or music.
Dugh, of course.
Unfortunately, the city is the place of employment.
I remember the blackout on 2003 with great affection.
On a very sunny and warm summer night, I saw the magnificent view of the Milky Way from the front lawn of my very city home.
Almost all artificial light sources from Ontario, Canada to northern Florida, United States of AmericaS. had winked off.
Every street lamp, porch lamp and annoying halogen lamp were expelled to achieve aesthetic effects.
I am an amateur astronomers who know the sky very well. . .
But I lost my way too.
The hundreds of bright stars I usually use to navigate in the sky disappear into the background of millions of other stars I don\'t usually see.
I took out the telescope for the neighbors to have a look at, but you really don\'t need the hardware to appreciate the display.
The next day, television and radio stations received calls from ordinary people wondering what strange \"clouds\" appeared in the sky, which was not surprising. (
Random summer night power outages of this size may not be as bad as a decade or so! Well. . .
Unless, of course, you\'re stuck in the elevator. lol)
I don\'t remember the stars in 03, but after Irene last year, I saw the Milky Way on the CT coast (for 4 days).
However, my favorite thing is that when I was a child, I always thought that the Big Bear was a strange name.
When I first looked up at sea, I was there;
A strange bear in the sky.
Couldn\'t find the Big Dipper on all the stars, but the bear was there.
If the light pollution shining to the sky is how to reduce the amount of lights/Watts needed to light our city at night, it will be much smaller and may save a lot of money in terms of power consumption.
The electric power company will then raise interest rates again to keep profits growing and shareholders are happy.
All the light is reflected, did you drive to a city in the West and you see them disappear from the mountains, it\'s true,, A large part of the light pollution is caused by fixtures that allow the light to escape directly up rather than directing the light to where it is needed on the ground.
Eliminating this waste while improving our view is both economic and aesthetic.
I haven\'t read every article yet, but one thing people haven\'t seen is that it\'s not enough to redirect light with the right fixtures.
We also have to use low wattage lighting to save money.
If we put the same 500 watt bulb in a better place
We won\'t save any money.
The appropriate reflector will reduce the need for high wattage to illuminate the area required for the ground/building in the same amount of lumens as before.
Why do businesses have to keep outdoor signs and parking lights on after they close?
I think these signs are
Hours advertise for people passing by during the day, but really, do they also have to light up the parking lot when they close?
The electricity is broken, Mackay.
I didn\'t know there were stars until I left Seattle.
Stupid comments here
I really have nothing to say, just love again
Since I have no life and have remembered every episode of the future, I read my own words over and over again.
At least you are honest.
Smog in coal-fired power plants is also the culprit.
But while they make billions of dollars in profits in Montana and other states, their executives are opposed to EPA rules that require them to clean up emissions.
This will improve the quality of life for everyone and it will be difficult to understand why they don\'t want good things for themselves and for future generations as well.
They must be aliens.
Like all science and climate change, the stars are fake.
Limbaugh is made of 98% pink mucus.
Limbaugh is made of 99% pink mucus.
Fort Lin is pink mucus.
The universe is beautiful.
I grew up in a small town in Vermont.
But I live near Boston now.
I noticed that the first thing to live near the city was a night without stars.
Back home, I can see the stripes of the Milky Way through the sky.
You are lucky to see the planets here.
I live in northern Vermont and have lived in Rhode Island for a few years.
You will really notice the lack of stars right away. . . kind of sucks.
I heard it as a resident of Rodi.
Why are you moving from Vermont?
Or any other state except NJ)to s-hole RI?
I live in RI uate, RI, without any light pollution.
I live in a small town about 150 miles from Phoenix.
When we first moved here 15 years ago, there was no light pollution in the night sky.
Now, from the sky to the Southwest, you can see the light of the Phoenix.
There are only forests and deserts between us.
Of course, Phoenix has also developed a lot in recent years.
Another problem that causes this glow is the large amount of dust generated by construction and traffic, as well as the increased water vapor due to excessive outdoor watering.
In the north of the state, mountains are still visible hundreds of miles away.
There is not much in the South.
I am in the field of astronomy, and I have seen the Falling Sky all over the world over the years.
Articles like this will raise people\'s awareness.
Looking at my project \"wear your universe\", I think this article is about how there are no visible stars when you stand on the moon or according to NASA\'s photos.
You\'re an idiot.
The reason why you can\'t see the stars in NASA\'s photos on the moon is simple.
Pick up the camera, learn how it works, and stop your crazy stupid conspiracy theory about the moon landing being a scam.
Ace-you are referring to the basic limit of camera exposure, the light intensity of stars and stars is different
The intensity of the sun.
This involves some complicated fifth-grade science.
It\'s obviously on your head!
Don\'t worry that your little brain will explode because of your poor confusion. . . LOL! ! ! Ace.
This is the comment from noob.
I\'m sorry to see here.
Not only is this completely unrelated to the article, but it is such a low quality review/question that I will be thinking about its sadness in the coming days.
However, every meteor shower brings the same story to every city newspaper about how to see countless meteors, and none of them mention \"Oh, right \", you first need to drive at least 50 miles from any small civilized particle. . .
You know, there\'s a difference between the particles entering the Earth\'s atmosphere and a star a few light years away burning on your head, isn\'t it?
Think about it, every meteor you can see from the city, imagine what the country will look like.
I saw the meteor shower in that country where the night sky flashed like lightning!
Fifty years ago, the street lamp had a mirror that could put the light where it was needed.
They then introduced the \"efficient\" lighting because it was so cheap that they just broadcast from the top of the pole.
After moving from the big city to the countryside, I can prove that there is an amazing sense of awe when you have the ability to sit on your own deck and look up at the night sky --
Not disturbed by the surrounding light.
There is a certain quality of life, accompanied by a large open space illuminated by the full moon.
Quiet, quiet, no noise is very special. Davros?
Where are all the bees? Bad Wolf. . . .
Destruction. . . of reality . . .
Hehehehhehe himself {CUT! ! ! }Davros . . . .
Please feel a little more. . . . .
The universe is broken.
Pandas will be open.
Silence will come
When asked this question, silence will disappear.
The doctor is dying. Please help. . .
Light pollution?
Let me guess all the rats think that light pollution, like all other forms of pollution, is also a scam.
This is naturally Bush\'s fault.
But Obama inherited it.
It was Edison\'s fault. we didn\'t do anything.
Lazy Republicans like you want the government to do everything for you, but blame them for doing a lot.
We can change, but as you think, get stuck in school book idiots in their 70 s.
No, the effect is obvious.
But we may question the scientific statement: \"When we do not see more and more stars polluted by light, we lose our connection to the universe.
We may even lose a little soul.
\"To be honest, the whole problem is very old.
The Simpsons built it well.
If you want to laugh, check it out.
If it\'s not a Democrat, it\'s safe to turn off the lights in the city.
Is this a lame article or do you need to remind the City --bound?
The comments are much better than this article.
We used to perform at a music festival in northwest Winnipeg for 7 hours.
In the evening, we lay in the field to see the Northern Lights.
They are spectacular and cover most of the sky!
The locals are not so excited-they can\'t see the stars at night!
I think that\'s all. . .
I grew up in the suburbs of my 50 s.
I know the sky and my father built his own telescope.
But on my first journey through the desert, I looked up and thought there was a cloud in the sky.
But it\'s not moving too much.
I don\'t know how bright the Galaxy will be! People who overcome it! . . . . . . . . . ha. . . ha. . . ha. . . ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This is not the real pollution, is it?
For other forms of pollution, there are residues or changes in the affected areas, resulting in their unavailability.
The sky is still there when the light goes out, everything is fine, thank you.
It\'s fun to see the night sky, but it doesn\'t matter for survival (
Because, among other things, we sleep most of the time when the stars are not there).
However, clean water and arable land are essential and we should work in that direction rather than in that direction.
I have to say that noise pollution makes the mall unusable.
You just don\'t understand, do you?
Yes, it\'s pollution.
Buy a dictionary.
I work in a university where students keep pushing for more lighting everywhere.
They feel they have the right to walk anytime, anywhere, without feeling insecure in the dark.
My solution is to create a dark campus and tell everyone to take their own risk to travel.
The savings in infrastructure, maintenance and operating costs for all of our outdoor lighting are significant.
There are also studies that counter the idea that lighting can reduce crime.
Darkness may actually reduce certain crimes that are common on campus. Yeah. . . sure; whatever.
Crime less when dark?
Maybe because peoplevictims)
Risk less due to fear. Duh.
No, it\'s true, in fact.
According to what I have read, crime is reduced in the dark areas because criminals can\'t see good enough to do their dirty work.
They don\'t want to bring a flashlight because it will obviously broadcast their location and may attract people\'s attention.
Put the students in danger so you can see the stars.
There are some types of lights and shields that can make some places light up, but do not transfer the light back into the sky.
The area of light can still see the stars, which is possible.
Before you laugh at people, you might look at options.
A lot of wasted light is either up (
Criminals who are hardly in danger are wandering)
Or go out like a bright light.
I can\'t see anything when someone shines bright light on my face, so I can\'t do the most important thing to protect my safety-pay attention to my surroundings.
A proper number of shielded lights provide the safest environment.
Are you a dishwasher in college?
I think he is a very important person. he doesn\'t like to cater to others. . .
Student needs in. . . wait for it. . . university.
Maybe you should try your good idea and see if it works. .
Because when a student is not hurt, it will be a loss of your job?
The idea here is simple. . .
Use a good light fixture, direct the light to where it is needed, down, not in your eyes, or straight up.
Yes, there are good fixtures outside.
They look like boxes and are called full cut-off.
They have a reflector that can shine the light down and completely shield it.
On a foggy night, try to see your campus or the rest of your town. .
You can see it.
If this is your biggest problem then everything in your life will be great.
Surprisingly, CNN will pay exactly the same amount as the 20-page article for 3 to 4 sentences.
The timing of this article is amazing.
The other night I walked outside and put the windows in my truck and I noticed all the stars I saw that night.
I haven\'t really seen such a clear night yet, and I can\'t remember how long it was.
It reminds me of my childhood in the country when the sky seemed to be full of stars.
Just one of the simple pleasures of life.
Surprisingly, some reviewers seem to have been threatened by the stars.
When a person\'s appreciation of beauty is only a big sneer at you, you are officially silly.
We see things you can\'t see like stars, rainbows and butterflies.
You see happiness, it makes you angry and sad.
Good luck with this sneer question.
Well, they might have been involved. earth-
\"Celebrate Human achievements with as much power as possible. .
As a result, anything that even implies environmental protection will be laughed.
How beautiful the night sky is when you can have a parking lot full of bright progress! Shut Up! !
My father grew up in Reno and was a geologists.
When I was 14, he took me to the Nevada Center for a field trip away from any man-made object.
When the night falls, it begins to come out and continues to come out.
This is one of the most memorable pictures of my life.
I will never forget how many bright stars there are.
When I have children, I plan to return their help one day, camping in places without light pollution, just to give them my image.
Light pollution in Atlanta is so severe that when camping in the Chattahoochee National Forest, 75 miles north, it washes away most of the stars.
The term is inappropriate and more appropriately called star-Light pollution.
Pollution refers to the impurity of the prefix name, not the source of pollution, such as air pollution.
The city lights pollute the stars. light.
Anyway, if we want to perceive this phenomenon in this way, then human beings almost pollute everything in front of them.
I\'m a merchant marine.
The Clear View we get at sea is sometimes hard to believe.
On my trip to West Africa, I was able to recognize the North Star in the North shortly after I cleared Trinidad/dobago (of course, lol)and Crux (
Southern Cross star)to my south.
We take the same \"Middle Passage\" route as the slave ship.
Ancient civilizations use observing the sky as their calendar.
One example is the rising spiral of Sirius, warning the Nile floods.
They have an app. . . .
Google Sky Map \".
OK, it doesn\'t work when you\'re in the mountains.
* You\'re not sure an app can replace the actual thing.
See how the app works and be prepared to be surprised.
One of the extra benefits of my neighbors is that there are no street lights and no neighbors that don\'t shine at night.
If I stand out in my yard, the sky will open and the lighting show of the universe is spectacular!
I live in the south of the Ozark Mountains.
The stars of the place I stayed were easy to see on a clear night.
The Milky Way splashed the whole sky.
Although I can see the light of the nearby towns on the ridge horizon, they are small and far away, so they do not pollute the night sky because of light pollution.
More than 20 years ago, I moved to Phoenix, south of the mountains that divide Phoenix.
The night sky is full of bright and distant stars.
Just a few miles south of here, there are two large car stores entering.
The lighting system they use meets our local lighting rules by shielding the top of each lamp.
However, they are so bright that the light shines on all the surfaces below with high reflective rates (
Like a shiny new car)
Go straight back. .
One night, after the storm, we had a power outage for several hours.
Between the air that has just been purified by rain and the dark without power, the night sky becomes active.
A few hours later, the show was over as the electricity resumed. [
Thank you.
These delayed videos are great!
I want to go to the Big Bend. . . .
There is not much light pollution there. . . .
The Big Bend is a great star watching area and you feel like you can reach out and touch them. . .
At the same time it is sublime and surreal. . Look.
There will be mild pollution in a city.
Even in the suburbs, what would you do to shoot the neighbor who installed the lights in the yard? Get used to it.
If you want to see the stars, check out the surrounding countryside.
Still, I am in favor of asking the billboard to have downlights and have some light bulbs that are less polluting.
Arizona has successfully developed effective light pollution laws.
It is a simple thing to shield the lamps from lighting and using low wattage bulbs.
The new LED lights they are starting to use are a good example.
We only use \"dark sky lighting\" to solve this problem, which will only disappoint us.
It works well and is cheaper to use.
The star is the clock of the Earth, and when the last star disappears, it will be the end of the world. \". . .
Above the head, the stars went out one by one.
\"It was a pleasure to see Arthur C again. Clark fan. Ah, yes.
Discover the \"reward\" of God\'s real words, the mystery of the universe.
When a star, especially our own sun, becomes so big that it devours us on the final path towards a new star, the end of the world will come.
Light pollution is also a killer.
Research from the University shows that light stops the body from producing melatonin.
The lights and street lights at night make it impossible for your body to produce melatonin.
Night shift workers are at higher risk of cancer than those on weekdays.
Not all the light is bad and some colors are OK.
That\'s why the generation that uses firewood and candles doesn\'t have the same health problems we see today. BRILLIANT! ! ! !
Oh, my God, all over the sky! Nice. . . . . . . . .
Just watched a few days ago, still one of the best movies ever. And the book(s)too. . . . . . of course.
Yes, I look at it from time to time.
The first is a masterpiece.
I will look at that more often when I need my HA. L. 9000 fix.
Open the door of pod bay HAL. . . . . . HAL?
Sorry Dave, I\'m afraid I can\'t do that. .
Why not turn off the lights at night around the world? ? ?
Why not turn off the lights every night?
Dubya implemented the \"no left-behind children\" education, but everyone can implement a simple \"no left-behind children\" and turn off the lights that are not used.
Outdoor lighting also affects the daily life of mammals and birds in a negative way.
Next night when there is a power outage in your area, go out and see what you missed. It\'s shameful.
The only problem is that most power outages occur when the weather is very bad, or when the air is very hot and humid.
Agree, you can see more stars when the clouds are out of the way when there is a power outage.
I said it from a suburban point of view.
Other parts of the country may have power outages for other reasons than the storm.
The one in 2003 is a good example, but the night is too wet, and from a straight point of view, there is only a dark cone of about 30 degrees to see the stars.
Anywhere else, it is hazy from the water in the air.
When the moon rises, the whole sky is lit up and the spectacular Star show is over for all practical purposes.
The first time I saw the stars was 16 ~! I grew up in Los Angeles. . .
I saw the Polaris. .
I saw the Big Dipper. .
I saw some little stars in the evening. .
One night, when I was 16 years old, I went for a ride with a few friends and ended up in Capistrano, a few miles away.
Our car was broken and we had to sit by the side of the road.
We are in some places on the mountain. .
My friend lay down and said lay down and look at the stars. .
I thought it was a big deal\". But I did. . Well. . . . WOW~! !
I was startled. . It was a shock. .
I can\'t believe what I see. .
I began to say, Oh, ah, ah, everything I saw was unacceptable. .
I always thought that the stars I saw in the pictures were seen through binoculars. .
I don\'t know if you can just look up and see them. . To this day. .
I can\'t forget that scene. .
Imagine being 16 years old before seeing it?
Don\'t look up ~!
The people who live in the city did not really look up. .
There\'s nothing to see.
But seeing it for the first time at 16 is the moment I will never forget. . NEVER. . . .
For a simple explanation, read the book \"there used to be a sky full of stars.
I remember growing up at 1950 in Burbank.
60. we can see the Milky Way clearly. Not anymore!
You can see the Galaxy when you come to Philadelphia. . .
Are you talking about candy wrappers on the ground?
From pigs to trash cans? That milky way?
The only \"stars\" I can see in Las Vegas are Jupiter, Venus and Wayne Newton.
No one is a star, bad news.
Venus and Saturn are planets and Wayne Newton. . . well. . .
The real point of all accounts. . .
Many years ago, when we lived in rural Virginia, it was the first and only time I could see the Milky Way-great!
If you \'ve never seen the Galaxy before, go out and enjoy it with you and your children! You mean. .
Should it be black at night? ! Mind = blown.
I can see Uranus from my house!
Don\'t look in my window!
Be careful when wiping!
Do we need an article to point out common sense? Yes, we do. . .
Because it\'s not obvious!
Maybe for you, but not for the other 95% of the urban population.
Especially if you were born after 90!
The fact that no one complains that we are locked out of the universe inspires so many civilizations, and if not all, also gives them knowledge, is not obvious proof for everyone.
Why don\'t they want to make things clear? ?
Imagine if you have something that you don\'t know or don\'t have the permissions to explain, there are thousands of people passing through our spatial view every day. . . . ?
I bet you \'d be happy if some people never see outside the clouds again. . .
See how many posts say light pollution is stupid, not a problem.
I learned it in my mother\'s womb!
What\'s new?
Your mother had a hymen resection before you were born, which was a colon pocket.
We studied this in Grade 3rd.
If you turn off the lights because of the smoke of the burning city, you still can\'t see it. . . Dozens?
If we see a dozen, we are lucky. Sad. So very sad.
If you live in a high humidity area and have a lot of moisture in the sky at night, it may not be all light pollution.
This can also erase a lot of stars.
I live in such a place.
After reading this, I remembered for a while that I really had severe diarrhea, got stuck in the Baltimore tunnel, sneezed so badly that I didn\'t want to lose my soul.
It\'s best to make yourself a Horcrux. lame.
Do you mean that more light in the ground and atmosphere makes it difficult to see the stars?
I was talking about when I was eight.
From now on, the old niece of this blog, because of the level of science it is now peddling.
Of course, I have to find a way to review the comments section. Believe it. . .
Some people are still not sure if the Earth goes around the Sun (or vice versa)
I don\'t know why we have season.
Light pollution is an easy concept to understand. . .
As easy as the two I mentioned earlier, but the scientific literacy of the public is not important now.
Thankfully I live in the woods without this problem.
You can\'t see the Capricorn of the tree.
Or spend a late night in the Financial Times doing backstroke in the Gulf of Mexico. Walton Beach.
They need to travel, the beach has never really closed, the only rule about alcohol is that there are no glass bottles and don\'t leave empty bottles.
At two o\'clock A. M. the view was really breathtakingtaking. . .
Especially the Southern Cross! Sorry.
You can see the South crossing from Cancun and the South. Florida not. Wrong.
I have seen it many times from the Florida Keys.
What you may see is a fake cross, not a Southern Cross.
You can\'t see the Southern Cross from Florida.
I live in podunk Arkansas, near the Boston Mountains, where there is very little light.
Every night, there are stars and moons in our yard.
I like to look up at all the stars and the Milky Way.
It\'s really beautiful. How lovely.
A long time ago, we could see a star.
This neighborhood is full of Sky. 25 years ago).
Can I still see Uranus?
I died in central Denver and I was lucky if I could see Orions belt.
Last summer, my fiancee and I drove through the desert of Utah at night, and let me tell you that it was amazing to lean behind the passenger seat and listen to dare while watching the stars go through the skylight!
The album of the league.
I have almost never missed the stars because it usually takes Congress to pass a bill to get me out of the city, but what a pleasant and rare enjoyment it is. Were you high?
What\'s your name, Salford? Pathetic.
Conservatives believe that the star is a scam made up to create this \"light pollution\" fantasy that is designed to save energy. . . .
Something they won\'t support. Cool. Are you dumb? ? ? Really? ? ? Nope, not dumb. . . .
But I might ask you this question if you don\'t recognize irony.
I thought it was a very stupid, crappy review until I thought for a minute.
Given the incredible position that I think it is impossible to be completely ignorant in this era, it is likely to be the next assertion on the far right.
Of course I don\'t.
Some people don\'t understand sarcasm. . . .
You need to move to the mountain. . .
You can read under the stars outside. . .
There is no \"progress\" in depriving you of your freedom and independence \"!
I lived 20 minutes. Willing Transportation
Straight from the Rocky Mountains, I can only see a few of the brightest stars.
Yeah, but there are a lot of people waiting to steal your wheel cover.
Ignorant people will ruin everything they touch.
Without any progress, it\'s like an ambulance can get you to the hospital in time to keep you from dying.
Montreal is a great place for girls to watch, but it\'s bad for stars.
If I look really hard, maybe I can find half a dozen \"we might even lose a little soul. \"See?
I told you not to ask an intern to write these things.
I don\'t care about people like you?
The soul is not good with the Stars.
Remember to call the Higgs particle God particle?
The fact that God rolled the dice somehow turned into Einstein was a fundamentalist. What?
Are there any stars in the sky?
Is that the universe?
It\'s leaving.
Like to look up at the stars, drive to Las Vegas on a night without the moon, stop in the high desert, turn off the engine and lights, get off the bus, look up, wow, but the best place.
Of course, sir. Henley.
Just after Hurricane Ike, the lights in Houston went off.
I was very excited because I took out the ol telescope and spent a few nights watching the stars.
Then the clouds rolled in. . . all week long.
When the cloud disappeared, the power was restored. Aww that sucks. .
Well, at least you can play Ps3 know!
It was crazy last night. .
I think the first time-sharing mood of \"Twilight break\" is high. .
When a wolf roared, I began to cry. .
It is so strong and beautiful. . .
Then I had a cup of coffee. .
Then I drank some more beer. .
I occasionally go to the beach for a run at night. .
I saw all these beginnings and it made me realize how so lost is in the universe. .
Really beautiful!
: Reply to your own comments! ! ? ? ? . . . . H A H A. . . .
Don\'t Stop! ! !
Most Americans know nothing about it.
I grew up in a city and am now a soldier.
We have a mission to do on Mount Teton in Jackson, Wyoming.
When the day was still bright, I walked into the tent and stayed there at about 1100 and went out to use the potty.
It was dark and scared me.
I can\'t really see my hand in front of me.
After my surprise began to become manageable, I happened to raise my head.
My surprise came back to an extreme.
It looks like another world is happening above our heads.
I have never seen such a star except in a movie.
Let me know if I get the money I will land there so I can experience it at any time.
I really hope that more Americans will experience the world like God.
Amazing sights that everyone should witness!
We know about experiences like you did at Tetons and they are amazing!
We have some area next to us for sale in Vya, Nevada, near our vacation rental (www.
Oldyelladgranch. com)
This is probably the star gazer is looking!
Come out and look at the shining stars yourself!
Light pollution standards have been set in some cities to help reduce the loss of the night sky.
Proper construction and installation of lamps that meet this standard not only reduces light pollution, but also saves energy because all the light they produce is directed downwards.
Google International Dark Sky Association.
My favorite story: the entire east coast of the United States about ten years ago. S.
Suffered a huge power outage.
Police received 911 phone calls about the mysterious \"lights in the sky!
\"The sad thing is that a whole generation is growing up and can\'t experience the beauty of simple things like the starry sky.
If you are interested in doing something about this, please consult IDA (
International darknessSky Association).
They are a group that works with the people and the government to advocate outdoor lighting for intelligence, environmental protection, and protection of stars.
World of violence psychiatry
Psychological disclosure (
Blind mkultra crime committed by police and psychiatrist/psychologist)
Use the MKULTRA hunger game today. . . .
Use psychology/psychiatry for mass population or ethnic cleansing, and crimes that we witness on a daily basis on behalf of Zionism/communism/liberalism.
How exactly did ethnic cleansing of Mrs. non-SLAs happen (German etc)
Since World War II, there have been real 911 in Eastern Europe! ! !
The truth about Russian communist officials, including gangster and traitor David Duke or 70-year-old US administration Barack Obama (TERRORIST)
White News is no longer popular in the United States! ! !
Obama\'s health care is live on 2009! ! !
Import non-white immigration requirements for free with extreme bias! !
Hijacked using a YOUTUBE account (
March 07, 2012)
The United States government, and the main electronic
To review the genocide against me personally involving kidnapping/MK-both the Mail and the bloggers were closed
Super brainwashing/forced brain electrode chip implantation/human experiment/Blacklist/strong unemployment and assassination! ! !
All against White (
Under the \"Nazi\" lie)
Today there are 2011/2012 civilian population in Europe and North America! ! ! +(plus)
If they brainwash you with lies about how Obama will help the tea party (
When you are everything but treated as human, we already have more than 100 million of the so-called minorities)
Ask yourself, once Obama reflects on himself again, what are your chances of survival? ELECTED(see video 77)
& Because the new law has taken the gun from you today (
Stop the violent world of psychiatry or lies-now)! ! !
It looks like someone has lost their soul in addition to their thoughts and hat lock keys.
If you have not already done so, please inform your family doctor that your medication may need to be reviewed again.
For those who don\'t know how inspiring the dark clear sky will be, go to Bryce Canyon Utah on a clear night without a moon.
9,000 feet above sea level, away from the city, it makes you feel like you are on a strange planet!
Sounds great.
Yes, I experience it on a cruise ship almost every week on the mountain of 10,000 feet and go out to see it at night and you will be surprised. !
Then look straight down and cross the rails when you vomit from any bacteria that bothers the ship. . . ;
That\'s why my family and I like to go camping by the lake.
They have nothing cooler than floating in the lake at three o\'clock A. M. on your back to see the stars.
Fortunately, you can see the meteor shower in remote places. . .
In fact, after the death of the doctor, it was Duff rose and Derek who closed the stars.
You shouldn\'t remember.
Is ROFLMAOWhat a star?
This was just introduced by researchers at the famous Sarah Palin University.
Scientists are not talking about stars.
In reality, they are angels, once teabaggers looked at us and told us that birth control is not good and the Earth is only 6,000 years old. Look.
You can see the Koch Galaxy from her house.
You are Bill Younis and Bill Younis.
I miss that guy! !
What she said was true, but you forgot to include how she thought the sun and planets were running around the Earth.
Southwest Kansas!
It was a beautiful sight on a night without a moon!
You count the stars all night! !
I live in Los Angeles and I can see all these light polluted stars.
Imagine that it would be amazing if the city was completely dark.
It\'s more like \"human pollution\", so you can\'t see the stars unless you move to the country.
I want to see the stars like that! !
Thankfully I live anywhere in Canada and I can appreciate the stars and the awe of the universe!
It\'s good to go out and see the stars in the country.
Sadly, a story like this got 1 reply and any other story on CNN ended up with a political end --racist-
There are thousands of posts in any debate. Ditto.
Luckily I live in North Dakota, where there are more stars than there are in the state!
Lightyear strives to tell stories about scientific research, discovery, space, and education.
This is yours. Reported on CNN.
For today\'s story, it is also a scientific perspective on news and everyday miracles.
Come and enjoy all the space and science that the CNN family brings you.
July 19 U. S. Department of Defense MUOS-
2 satellites, known for the large \"551\" configuration of AtlasAug 3 rdJapanese HTV
4 cargo supply missions to the International Space Station 14 spacex launches the Canadian satellite for the first time from their new Vandenberg facility and the upgraded Falcon 9 v1 for the first time.
1 launch vehicle 28 thDelta iv nrol-
65 spy satellites
36 crew members on an expedition back to Earth from the International Space Station (Kazakhstan)
ThOrbital science war early air cargo vehicle Antares rocket ISSSept month thSoyuz TMA-
The 10-meter flight launch expedition launched by Falcon 9v1 sent 38 crew members to ISSDec 9 thSpaceX dragon. 1 on CRS-
3 mission to provide cargo to issrelcurringfirst, the first power test flight of a larger composite spacecraft, Virgin Galactic will be used for secondary
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