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Why are solar street lights in new rural areas more and more widespread

by:CHZ     2021-07-18
Why solar street lights are more and more widely used in rural areas? The reason why solar street lights are rapidly promoted in rural areas is mainly because solar street lights belong to 'new energy'. Its advantages are: energy saving and environmental protection, sustainable development, and conformity to national construction. Rural development policies have therefore been quickly promoted.
New rural solar street lights use solar panels, lithium batteries, etc. for power conversion and storage, without consuming traditional power resources. In some rural areas where power resources are relatively tight, this pressure can be fully relieved, so rural solar street lights can be very helpful The country solves the lighting problems in many remote areas.
Solar street lights are installed on the roads where people are concentrated in the village, or on the entrances of the villages and alleys with high lighting brightness, so as to ensure the lighting needs of the intersections and roads and people's daily travel at night.
Regarding the purchase of solar street lights in new rural areas, there are the following points to note: First determine the power of the street lights, then the height of the lamp poles, and the specific rural road lighting brightness requirements. To figure out these, the solar street light manufacturers can do it. Customers configure production.
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