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Why can't all the street lights for solar street light?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-17

as the population of resource consumption is larger, now on the green environmental protection in our country on the use of natural resources is continuously for industrial upgrading, and now is the people on the improvement of the consciousness of saving resources, and so now a lot of people will think why solar energy street lamp can save a lot of electricity, why not all switch to solar street lamp, then, we learn together.

1。 High cost

everybody know is better, while the time of the founding of new China will investigate, but in the decades of development, China has experienced in the great change, especially on the infrastructure of the city, so a lot of grid lamp installation also does not have how many years, so now it is uneconomic in switch to solar street lamp, not only the high cost, but also will cause a lot of inconvenience.

2。 Environmental conditions restriction

because we all know can power generation, solar street lamps using solar panels that convert light energy into electrical energy, but in some areas often experience the rainy season, some areas in the rainy season will be a long time, so is not ideal for solar power, and in some areas where rainfall is large, but for the life of the solar street lamps will result in reduced.

above all, because of China's vast, and the diversity of the climate, so each area is not suitable for installing solar street lamp, I hope this article can bring you some help.

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