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Why can't cheap solar street lamps to buy

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

now producing solar street lamp manufacturers on the market more and more, a lot of solar street light only see appearance, and there is no special design than the big discrepancy, so make a lot of consumer very doubt, why look the same, some prices are very low. But, like street lights and safety related products, too cheap, do not recommend buying.

first cost, and is often the case when it comes to costs, most customers will only calculate the cost of production of materials needed, the algorithm itself is a problem. General regular street lamp manufacturers from the street lamp production, sales in apart from the required materials, also need to consider the design of the product cost, the artificial production, and product marketing, including the transportation of products after batch production stage, storage needs to be taken into consideration, so the configuration of the same price if any discrepancy solar street lamps, but not too big difference, so there are some very cheap is not normal, the quality of the product is very big hidden trouble.

in general, when the choose and buy solar street lights can consider from lamp posts and lamps and lanterns. Generally lower prices for production of a family will reduce the wall thickness of light pole, such material is reduced, the price will be lower accordingly. Followed by some manufacturers in order to reduce the traveler to use cold galvanizing, although cheaper than hot dip galvanized, but easy to rust, resistance to bad weather, there will be a break. Including the shell of lamps and lanterns, in order to guarantee the normal light, will use high quality shell, but some manufacturers use inferior pass civil examinations in order to save the cost, in use process will appear rupture, weeping. Will bring a lot of security problems.

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