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Why do many people not to install photovoltaic power generation

by:CHZ     2020-09-17

in solar photovoltaic power generation is a kind of use, because the solar cell is a kind of conductor, and already has a photovoltaic effect of materials used, so the solar radiation is a kind of can directly convert electrical energy power generation system, whether it is how to run, always called will be used to, but still appear a phenomenon, is that many people are not willing to install photovoltaic power generation.

don't understand need to wait for the

at the time of photovoltaic power generation is not common, many people are afraid to install, but when more and more common, many people are more reluctant to install, because of this knowledge, know less and less, the timid man, nature would dare to try, that is to say, to wait for a period of time, confirm good will dare to use.

installation cost problem

at the time of installation of photovoltaic power generation, many people will care about the problem of high and low cost, especially in the cost is higher, more no one want to install, after all used by the equipment price is accounted for % 40, add up to 50%, the component is a standard of pricing, and calculated the cost price is in the tens of thousands more.

don't want to risk

in reason not to install photovoltaic power generation, a bigger reason is afraid to take risks, serious danger, though there is profit, but also with danger, everybody likes to make money, as long as it is dangerous to larger will not make money, is hurt more bigger. These are all the reason, can have a look at it.

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