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Why do new rural construction prefer solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-16
At present, solar street lights have begun to be popularized in rural areas, so why choose solar street lights in rural areas? There are many reasons. Solar photovoltaic modules have a long service life, which can generally be used for 20 years. The installation of solar street lights in rural areas requires high efficiency. The intelligent storage and control capabilities of lithium batteries are coupled with high-power solar photovoltaic panels. Through good configuration of current and voltage, effective power can be obtained to a large extent.
The management of rural solar street lights is also quite convenient. The entire system can realize intelligent control and fully automatic operation without guards. Rural solar street lights must also be safe and reliable. The charging and discharging processes of solar lighting systems are connected under low pressure, so that there is no harm to the human body. The construction of rural solar street lights is fast. Each solar lighting system is an independent lighting unit. Charging, discharging, lighting, and control are all completed independently. No trenching, no wiring, and ready to use.
The rural solar street lamp has high brightness, uses high-power solar photovoltaic modules as the power generation system of the lamp holder, combined with the high-quality angle design of the solar panel, provides sufficient energy for the high-power light source, and truly realizes the night as bright as day.

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