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Why does the led street light market chaos arise?

by:CHZ     2021-07-12
With the improvement of LED chip and driving power technology, the heat dissipation, light attenuation, power supply and other problems that plagued LED street lamps have been solved, and the continuous decline in prices has improved the cost-effectiveness of LED street lamps.

Nowadays, domestic LED street lamps are gradually replacing traditional street lamps as the main force of newly installed street lamps. At the same time, the intelligent control features of future LED street lamps will further strengthen the advantages of LED street lamp products. Under the current background of energy saving and emission reduction, local governments are also Widely promote LED street lamp products.

Due to the immature LED technology in the past few years, everyone feels that LED street lights are unreliable and repellent. After the development and application of technology in recent years, everyone has begun to gradually accept and recognize LED street lights. At present, the utilization rate of LED street lights on new road projects in many provinces exceeds 90%.

However, it is worth noting that although the current development of the LED street lamp market is booming and its use is becoming more and more popular, there are also some 'criticisms.' For example, many LED street lamp companies generally believe that the LED street lamp market has been 'bad' by everyone, the product quality is uneven, and there is no unified standard, which leads to the overall LED street lamp market in chaos.

For this kind of market situation, the electronic staff analyzed, 'On the one hand, LED street lamp technology has a low barrier to entry, and fierce competition has led to some unscrupulous merchants fighting a price war; on the other hand, LED market dividends are gradually disappearing. Some manufacturers have not updated and improved market changes and product demand changes in a timely manner, nor have they followed up on cost control, resulting in mixed product quality and market chaos.'

In fact, in addition to the above two factors, some LED street lamp manufacturers themselves do not have the potential to dig deep into their products, they cannot do fine work, they cannot address actual needs in a targeted manner, and their product quality cannot keep up with market demand. Pace, etc., are also the main factors that cause the market to be 'bad'.

Of course, in such a market environment, there are still a number of LED street lamp companies still insisting on making high-end and excellent street lamp products. As far as Changhui Lighting is concerned, since its establishment, it has been based on the business philosophy of 'people-oriented, technological innovation, Serve our customers, win the dependence of customers with high-quality products, and obtain customer satisfaction with perfect service.

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