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Why dust will affect the street lighting

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-17

as in daily life, I believe that most people would see the installation in the streets of street lamp lighting, that for the street lamp lighting in the natural environment, especially the inclement weather such as strong winds and heavy rain, so more or less will have some impact. But in the face of the storm and the waterproof design, in the face of life atmosphere, dust, etc. It is difficult to directly see these factors, for the street lighting and what is the effect?

for street lighting, the dust is corrosive to a certain extent, especially the use of glass panel, some lamps and lanterns, some dust contains strong acid, so if the adhesive on the glass panel, will be a bad influence on the glass panel. Even affect of a street lamp lighting power, and for lighting lamps, if the dust is not clear in time, the adsorption speed will be faster, making can become very dim lighting, street lamp lighting effect, but also for the service life of street lamps also have certain effect.

the above is the dust for a street lamp lighting effects, hope can give you provide a certain amount of understanding, if have more information want to read, can continue to read articles before, also can focus on subsequent updates on this site, of course, knead what want to consult, can also contact us directly.

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