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Why is not installed on the highway lights?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-17

in order to facilitate the night driving, whether in the main roads of the city, or on the country road, there are solar street lamps, but some friends may want to know why highway no street light. And on the highway driving speed is quicker, not install street lamp at night with dangerous? The next solar street lamps manufacturer as you simply reveal why.

normally on the infrastructure, the main factors on two points, one is cost. The other is security. First of all tell me the cost, because our country is humongous, so also invested a lot in the road construction, so on highway construction mileage is very big, is also a commanding lead in the world, so if install street lamp, the cost is very big. To late maintenance is also need a great deal of material and financial resources, and a lot of the utilization of highway at night is not very big, so just a waste of resources.

on the other hand, is safe, as said above, even if the road in the night of the utilization rate is very low, but there are still night traffic phenomenon, but it doesn't matter, why? Because the highway road construction is very perfect, have barriers, no pedestrians and non-motor vehicle vehicles, so don't need to take into account the general street will appear problem, second, is equipped with reflective logo, can make the drivers see clearly the road conditions, and if the lighting on the highway if installed improperly, can cause glare phenomena to the driver at night, it will become a safety hazard.

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