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Why not unified the price of solar street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-13

solar energy is very green energy, by absorbing sunlight irradiation storage heat of the sun during the day, at night the stored heat into electricity to power generation, absorb the solar energy machine need to use the original value is higher, so the solar street light price electric price is much higher than normal circuit.

but now, a technology of electronic parts prices fell so solar parts prices also fell. Day Yang can light brand diversity, big brands of solar street light quality is definitely better than the quality of small brands. Our solar street lamps at the time of installation will be affected by many factors, different parts of the solar street light configuration is different, some high street light configuration some low, so there will be different price.

different lamp manufacturing producers, marketers is different because the technology introduced into street lamp quotation is there are differences. It is because the production technology is different, we are buying lamps must watch carefully to store, saw, can know the quality of the solar street light.

a lot of manufacturers will write the parameters of the lamps in the product above, so as to guarantee the quality of street lights and can is proportional to the price, and price of many high street lamp after-sales service is better. It indirectly caused the price of solar street lights are not unified.

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