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Why solar street light price difference

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-17

at present, the products are widely used for solar street lamps, especially for rural housing no specific planning in some regions, but in order to satisfy the people to travel at night security, so will install solar street lamps, can reduce the investment of the traveler, the price for solar street lamps, there is not a specific statement, because this and use the specific configuration of the different, so there are a lot of variables.

in general, solar street light is a light energy from the sun light power, so according to each region environment, different climate condition, the solar street light fat will be changed, like the south in the rainy season, at this time to the requirement of solar panels, storage capacity of the battery will be a little higher, also includes some parts of the road the roads are wide, so for the solar music, need to illuminate some range is wide, so the power requirements will be bigger, these are all need to choose according to actual situation, so also is in the process of purchase, the price factor variables is larger.

followed by solar street lamps of different manufacturers, different production quality, including solar street lamps style is different, can cause the change of the price, because in some scenic spots to use solar street lamp, may pursue a kind of personalized design, so in the production process will be more complex, and most of the time is not the same as the solar street lamp manufacturers, for different brand influence, so will also be differences in price.

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