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Why the jagged solar street light price

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-16

we now many of the technologies are slowly mature, with the progress of photovoltaic technology, the use of solar energy is becoming more and more widely, many rural street light using the solar energy. Has universal solar street lamps in the rural areas. But it is uneven, solar street light price is largely due to their configuration is no unified standard. Some configuration is high, the nature will lead to higher prices. Low natural price is low. So why is solar energy street light configuration have no unified standard?

is mainly because each region has caused by the different environment, like sunshine coefficient of different regions, so some parts of sunshine coefficient is high, then use the same power solar panels, solar street light charge more in this area. Rizhao coefficient is low and some areas, less amount of charging it every day, so compared to rizhao high coefficient of areas, the use of solar panels, the more the power. And in different regions in sunny days also is not the same.

some regions rainy days, so want to ensure the continuous rainy days bright lights, solar street lamps solar lithium battery capacity must be increased. And some sunny days a lot of don't need so big. And the temperature difference is also will affect the configuration of solar street lamps. So solar street light prices vary is a very normal one thing.

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