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Wind resistance analysis of solar street lamp system

by:CHZ     2021-07-19
The cost of solar street lights is much higher than that of ordinary street lights, and the protection level of solar street lights has become a top priority. Today, I will briefly introduce the windproof system of solar street lights. In the solar street light system, one of the structural issues that needs to be paid attention to is the windproof design. The wind resistance design is mainly divided into two parts, one is the wind resistance design of the battery module bracket, and the other is the wind resistance design of the light pole. Among them, the wind-resistant design of the modules is particularly important. The specific analysis is as follows: According to the technical parameters of the battery module manufacturers, the upwind pressure that the solar battery modules can withstand is 2400Pa. The wind resistance coefficient is 36m/s. According to the standard building structure load code 'GB50009-2001Therefore, the component itself can withstand the local wind speed without being damaged. The key consideration in the design is the connection between the battery component bracket and the light pole. The utility model discloses a windproof solar street lamp, which is characterized in that a controller is added in the light pole, and a bracket assembly is added under the solar panel. The bracket body in the bracket assembly is fixedly connected with the windproof wind wing and is also connected with The steering motor is connected, and the steering motor is connected to the controller. Therefore, the solar street light with this structure can not only control the movement of the bracket through the controller, but also can drive the bracket to rotate by the windproof wing. It has high light conversion efficiency and good wind resistance. The advantage of simple structure.

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